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Norman M.
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What kind of test and questions do neuropsychologist use to

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What kind of test and questions do neuropsychologist use to evaluate and elderly person for competency and to see if they can be influenced by relatives, etc.?
HelloCustomer- thanks for visiting,

There is a whole battery of tests that may be applied, but here are some examples:

The Dementia Rating Scale, whick examines basic ares of function cush as initiation, concentration and construction. Even if there are problems in multiple areas, and dementia is suspected, this test on its own mean that a person is incompetent - the degeneration shown would have to be fairly sever to draw that conclusion.

The Cognitive Competency Test complements the DRS and seeks to evaluate performance in 8 different areas of ability.

The Mini Mental Stae Exam is thought of as being auseful cognitive test, and is commonly used in assessment.

Other tests seek to measure performance in deductive skills, memory and other imortant functions.

All of these tests have some value, but it must be remembered that that the environment in which they are often performed is somewhat artivifial. The person being assessed might behave and perform differntly in their own home for example, so tests are only part of the anser.

Different clinicians seem to favor some tests over others, so I suggest you talk to the clinician who may be involved to find out what his approach is.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
What are the 8 different areas of ability that is tested in the Cognitive Competency test? COuld you give me an example? What are deductive skills? The M.M.S.E. I am familiar with. How does the Dr. determine is the patient is being influenced by others?

CCT looks at orientation to personal information, social intelligence, memory, reading, financial management, safety, judgment and spatial orientation. Eg is the person aware of their own personal history and present day environment.

Deductive skills are those needed to evaluate information and draw valid conclusions from it.

As to the question of undue influence – this is often as much a legal matter as a medical one, and I would refer you to this site for the fullest information:

Norman M. and other Mental Health Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Is there anywhere I could get a copy of test questions asked an elderly person when determing competence? I have a copy of MMSE questions but that is all. I am trying to look out for my mother and help her while my brother is making untrue allegations about her and is trying to take her money and house.

At 82 she is so scared and terrified. We presented two competency Doctor reports by two well respected Drs, one her gp Dr of years and the second a top neurologist, both stating she was absolutely competent and did not need a conservator. The court with my brother's attorney discarded the medical reports, and with nothing at all except non medical, my brother's alleged lies, my mom is being made to go to another neruophsychiatrist costing $5,000. for one visit.

My brother is trying to use up all of her money, as he is pretty wealthy so he and his wife can put her in a home and take her house.

This is why I need any help I can get, and quick.

Thank you for any help, your time and definitely your understanding.

Rickster - I am teribly sorry to hear what your Mother - and you - are going through.

At this stage, I believe that what you need is legal, rather than mental health advice..

I am going to ask a moderator on JA to try to get you then right kind of help now. I have sent them this info:

From Mental Health Questions.

The customer asking this question on Mental Health urgently needs legal advice on a mental competence issue.

Can you get a legal expert to pick up.?

Problem is he has already paid. I'm happy to lose my fee if you can pass it on to a legal expert who can help him.

Please let me know what you can do.


I do wish you both the very best.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Dear Norman:

Thank you for all of your kind help. I already have obtained legal help we just don't seem to be getting very far. Tomorrow my mother has to see a court appointed neuropschiatrist for a 3 hour combat of tests to determine by this Dr. if my Mom is competent and if she is possible under unde influence.

I was just trying to find out some of the quesions the Dr might ask her to better help her prepare and relax.

Bad enough she is terrified over what my brother is doing but now a stranger has to pick her up and take her to this court Dr which is also a stranger to my mother. She is getting so confused and has had nothing but this on her mind, the courts, her own son doing this to her, etc., that is has been too much and she is really now going down hill quickly because of it.

I am just trying to help her in any way that is why I asked for any direction or questions that might be asked of her so I could give her at least a little edge because being so tired and nervous over all of this she can hardly remember her own name. And over the stress of trying to protect her a little over one month ago I had a stress induced heart attack. That is what they called it anyway.

Thanks Again for any help on possible quesions you can give to me,


Is very difficult to guess - and that's what it is, but probably things like:

What date is it today
Who is the President of the US
What date is your birthday
What colour is the door of your house
When did you leave your house to come here
Where are we now
What did you have for lunch yesterday
Was it raining yesterday
Where were you last Friday
All simple things to test awareness of current surroundings and recent memory.

There may also be axercises like color or shape matching, picture recognition

I would concentrate on awareness of surroundings recent events, family birthdays, childrens names and so on.

I'm sorry I can'y be more specific - it would just be guesswork.

Good luck both! Please disregard anything on here about accepting - you have already done that.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Dear Norman:

Thanks so much for all of your sincere help. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your effort and kindness. My mom is scared and cried herself to sleep. They are making a complete stranger take her to the Dr this morning, another complete stranger to my Mom. And the cost for one session is $5,000.00, court ordered.

I am terrified. I really think this judge is corrupt. You would not believe what is happening. My mom is the nicest and most giving person I have ever know. This just should not be happening, specially from a son she worked, along with my Dad extremely long and hard all of their life to make sure never wanted for anything.

Thanks again. Your kind words really helped me.


I wish I could do more, but all I can do is offer my support and best wishes.