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Is a psychiatrist or a psychologist more appropriate in my

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Is a psychiatrist or a psychologist more appropriate in my situation? I'm defending a challenge to my 9 1/2 year long-term disability claim against a private insurer. My underlying medical condition is an ANS disorder causing cognitive impairment when fatigued. I have a great cardiologist backing me 100%. My LTD insurer had "independent" neuropsychological testing done by a psychologist that my lawyer has great experience with as someone whose opinion is for sale to the insurance company. My lawyer advises getting my own expert to assist & recommends great local psychologist I already know. However, an M.D. friend (who is disabled by depression) thinks I should "go bigger with an M.D." by seeing his psychiatrist for this testing. Does a psychiatrist personally do this kind of testing or would he have it done by a psychologist? No mental health problems suspected, just "cognitive impairment due to autonomic dysregulation." What's best practically & strategically?

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I would suggest that you use whoever is certified in neuropsychological testing which is usually a psychologist. To be certified most will have predoctoral training in neuropsychlogy and formal postdoctoral training in brain behavior relationships and neropsychological testing. This could then be used to say they specialize just in that where as if you use just a general psychiatrist/psychologist they may say that they did not specialize in it. If you can find a psychiatrist who is certified in this testing, then that is probably better (but there are probably few if any since this testing us usually done by a psychologist) but if not then I think that a psychologist who is certified would be considered a great expert in this field. I hope this helps. Good luck! Let me know if I can assist furhter.
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