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My 19 month old grand daughter has a six year old half brother.

Resolved Question:

My 19 month old grand daughter has a six year old half brother. We are very concerned about her well being because of several behavioral instances involving the brother.
He is the victum of divorce and has mostly been raised by an overbearing grandmother. the mother is a very weak person, There was an instance when he voiced to me that he didn't like going to his dad's house and that sometimes he just thought it would be better if he didn't have to be here anymore. I have sinced learned that the grandmother put ideas into his head about the father not being a good person and other negative things when in fact I have talked to these people and they are not anything like that. Simon (the brother) also wet the bed at our house and tried to cover it up by making up the bed. We did not confront him with this. I have also been told by his dad that he tries to hurt his nephew and their dog. He also lies a lot. We are worried he might take out his resentment or rage on our grand daught
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Lively replied 7 years ago.


I definitely think your concerns are valid. While, according to what you've said, Simon has never hurt your granddaughter, it sounds as though he is experiencing some problems that leave him unpredictable and unstable emotionally, and, of course, that would be concerning to you. The symptoms that you describe in him leave me wondering if perhaps he has a history of sexual and/or physical abuse as these are very common behaviors shown by kids who have been abused. I hope that you and your family are able to get him the help he needs (probably with a child psychologist) to keep him and everyone else safe.

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