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Gina P
Gina P, LCSW
Category: Mental Health
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My daughter who is 26 has suffered a nervous breakdown, but

Customer Question

hello, my daughter who is 26 has suffered a nervous breakdown, but refuses to get help, medication or counciling, she wants to try and get out of it herself, she has dissociated from everyday life now for 9 months, how can i help her, i am the father
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Gina P replied 8 years ago.
I can see you are very worried about your daughter and rightly so. I would hope if she broke her leg she wouldn't wait for 9+ months to get help. I am always amazed at how people treat mental illness as if it were different than a medical condition.

Unfortunately your GP is correct for the most part. However, in the states there are laws to assist with what is known here as commitment petitions. This is a court order requiring treatment under certain conditions. Usually it requires an overt gesture which would place her life or someone else's in danger. There are different guidelines depending upon the law where you live. But this could be an option to assist her. You may want to contact an attorney to find out more about this.

I hope you are taking good care of yourself. It is easy to become focused on someone who is ill, and neglect ourselves in the process.

Good luck, Gina


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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks, ***** ***** your answer, but still it does not help me to be proactive in any way, I can involve the social services who would be involved in sectioning her, ie forced treatement, she has not idicated any risk to herself or to anyone else, should I just pehaps give her tims, as much as she needs, rather than forcing her to join the rat race. She is very clever an Oxford graduate in philioophy and maths, please help
Expert:  Gina P replied 8 years ago.
Hi, I wish there was another way to assist her. It looks as if she will have to help herself here. Sometimes, the intelligence gets in the way because some people think they can outsmart the brain chemicals, so I am not surprised she is very bright.

Why don't you try talking to her again, and if she is not ready, let her know you will be there to assist her when she is ready. Does she talk with you or anyone about what is going on? Perhaps she would feel more comfortable just talking to a counselor without going to a MD. If you see any more decline however, you should assist her immediately in getting help.

I am sure you are aware of the physical problems that can occur from not getting help for depression and other issues. Please assist her as much as you can in going to her GP for regular physicals.