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Is it okay for a father to sleep with his 7 year old

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Is it okay for a father to sleep with his 7 year old daughter? He mentioned that he wanted to hold his daughter all night and that his daughter wanted him to hold her all night.
Not on a regular basis in the US, this is not normal. If there was some recent trauma or special reason for the fear, this might be justified, but not if they're alone in the house together all night.

If you have concerns about this or other inappropriate behavior, remember that the Dept of Children & Family services is the one to investigate...not the family or friends. Let them check it out.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks this is helping me understand a little more but I'm still concerned and don't quite get the idea of a father sleeping with his daughter in such an intimate way. He has mentioned that when he was taking care of his daughter minus the mother (for some reason) that he and his daughter slept together every night and that he daughter would also end up right under him as he put it. He has also accused me of being jealous of his daughter seemingly because I asked him about this behavior. I grew up in an emvironment with my godfather where he never even saw his girls including myself in our underclothing or any other possible comprised way. My godfather never bathed or saw us naked but the man i am inquiring about wants to bathe his daughter and he's made it very clear (mainly by accusing me of being jealous of his daughter) that he does not want me to help out in these areas.
Um...the story is getting worse. This is not a normal or healthy relationship. Your red flags are flying for a good reason. You were attacked because he is trying very hard to keep this relationship he has with his daughter because it's meeting his adult her expense (even is she doesn't know that right now).

This isn't about jealousy, and single male parents are perfectly capable of raising daughters with great boundaries...if they want to. He does not have to see her naked unless he wants to.

You're on the right track: stay there.

Thank you for the opportunity to answer your question.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks!!! This information helps alot!