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I'm 46 and in a great 19 year old relationship with another

Resolved Question:

I'm 46 and in a great 19 year old relationship with another man. We really like our life together. I'm suddendly finding that I am finding younger men, in their 20's at the grocery or hardware store who Im attracted too so much that I go to those stores every day even if I don't need anything. To the point that I want to take pictures of them for masturbation, rather than just use our own dvds that we have at home. Am I just trying to stay young or being crazy now ? I know, I'm 46 and stuff. In my youth , I was able to get anyone I wished, is this just me realizing finally that I am married now 20 years and such ?

How do I tell myself to just stop it, and move on ? I've become rather obssesed with this.
your going to tell me to just grow up and quit looking at 20 something year old kids right ?
I know , ...
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Mind MD replied 8 years ago.
You seem to have a fairly good insight in to your condition.
This could certainly be related to the feeling of wanting to remain young, which is one of the most basic human needs.
It may also be exacerbated by approaching menopause that can play havoc with your sex drive.
I would certainly consider that you try to get yourself evaluated for a physical problem (perimenopause) first, and consider hormone replacement alternative medicines for the same as needed.
Otherwise increased level of physical activity (jogging / cycling etc., a change of place for a few days like a holiday, & having a hobby may help you take your mind off too much sex)
If these things do not help, talking to a mental health professional may be the best way forward,
Warm regards
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