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Norman M.
Norman M., Principal psychotherapist in private practice. Newspaper contributor, over 2000 satisfied clients on JA
Category: Mental Health
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Mother died 4yrs ago, in car accident, child was in car but

Resolved Question:

Mother died 4yrs ago, in car accident, child was in car but unhurt.

My grandson is 8yrs old has many problems with school, and has been excluded many times, mainly for abusive and violent behaviour is now in a EBD unit in a special school. Has development problems, will not try to read or write. He has seen a Phycologist who has indicated that he has ADHD and ASD and has been given Concerta 18mg. which has had little effect. We are desperate, we can do nothing with him as he is constantly a danger to himself and to others.

Today when l went to fill his bag for school, it contained (2)pictures of his Mother (l)picture of Mum holding him as a baby (2) toy guns. We are very worried about him!
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Norman M. replied 8 years ago.
I wonder if you could provide a little more information:

When was your grandson diganosed with ADHD?
How long has he been taking Concerta?
Has his abusive/violent behaviour increased or decreased since he started taking Concerta?
What support and information are you as a family getting in order to help him?

Norman. Sorry - I pressed the "Answer" instead of the "Information" button - this is just a request for more info, not an answer!!
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

He was diagnosed with ADHD in April 2009, and started on Concerta then.

His violent/abusive behaviour has become slightly worse since he has been on it, but other aspects of his behaviour have improved eg. getting dressed in mornings, still runs around a lot but no longer shreiks while he is doing so, a bit more co-operative when asked to do things.

He has had music therapy for 3yrs he had his last session today.

He has had bereavement counciling in the past.

He/we receive no other help.

Expert:  Norman M. replied 8 years ago.
HelloCustomer- it's really too early, I think, to rule out Concerta as being a useful medication for him. Your Doctor will have to continue his dose and probably his bodyweight. It would be worth mentioning to him/her the slight increase in violent behaviour since he started on Concerta.

Medication is only one aspect of good treaytment for ADHD in children, equally important are behavioural therapy and good 'parenting' (for lack of a better word skills.

I'm going to suggest that you consider some behavioural therapy for him as soon as soon as possible to keep up the momentum of what has gone before.

Secondly, please have a look at this website -
It contains a lot of useful guidance and some interesting links. Be sure to get in touch with your nearest support group and get involved.

Your GP should be able to put you in touch with parent training/education through your local NHS Trust - the skills they teach are vital.

As far as the photos are concerned - I don't think you need to worry too much at this stage. It is pretty natural for him to want to hold on to precious times with his Mum -
and eight year olds LOVE guns. In this connection, however, keep an eye open for any behaviour which suggests withdrawal, or greatly reduced interaction. If you happen to notice anything of that nature, be sure to express you concerns to the psychologist.

Finally - and forgive me if I am teaching Granny to suck eggs - kids like your grandson come to expect lots of criticism and negative comment. Please try to keep that to a minimum, and when he does something right, reward, reward, reward.
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