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Just want to know if is okay to take topiramate for alcohol

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Just want to know if is okay to take topiramate for alcohol cravings when you are taking 30 mg of fluoxetine a day. I am also taking cholesterol medication. Thank you.
On, they list the two as a moderate risk...

If you are in moderately good health and under a physician's care, there shouldn't be a problem. Are different physicians giving you these medications?

I've seen patients take Topomax with anti-depressants and have no ill effect.

If the advice in this post gives you helpful information, please Accept. If you need further help with this question, I'll respond to your question.

I commend you for trying to support your desire to reduce alcohol cravings. It can be tough, but you can get through this and be free from them.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I do not take topamax right now. I have not requested topamax from my doctor yet. My doctor tends to be on the strict side and I wanted an outside opinion. You gave me the answer I needed which was you have seen patients take both an antidepressant and topamax with no ill effects. I get blood work done every three months to check for possible liver damage because of the cholesterol medication. If I were to have to get toamax from another doctor would that blood work monitor ill effects from the topamax as well?Have you seen any patients have the possible side effects listed for this drug or is it your opinion that this drug is well tolerated for most patients?
I've not seen anyone with side effects that made them want to stop taking Topomax. Its well tolerated and really does help people. I've had patients who were really tortured by drinking thoughts see them settle down to the level of an idea that they can deal with.

Not being an MD, I can't tell you with authority, but bloodwork will show changes in your body chemistry no matter why the changes occur, so I'm going to assume that you will have that as a safeguard.

Don't be shy about getting personal support to not drink...there is plenty of it out there in 12 step meetings and on the internet. Always remember that it isn't your fault you if have a drinking problem or an addiction, but you are accountable for your recovery. Give yourself the gift of a renewed life and the freedom that comes from feeling in control of your life and health again. Keep investing in will always pay off in a good way over time.

Thank you for your previous Accept and Bonus! I appreciate that and any feedback you care to give. You can contact me with other questions as you travel on this journey.