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NGonzalez, Psychotherapist
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  15 yrs of clinical experience, relationship issues, marriage & family therapy, eating disorders
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My adult daughter is suffereing from depression. She has agreed

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My adult daughter is suffereing from depression. She has agreed to allow me to help her find a theripest suitable to her requirements. She is extremely bright . She, herself, has a Masters degree in Forensic Psychology and needs someone older(she is 38), more educted and experienced than she. within a 10 mile radius of her home (Burbank, CA. She has no medical insurance and little disposable income. I plan to pay for her treatment out of my own pocket. My own funds for doing this are limited. How do I proceed?



Thank you for asking your question on JustAnswer. I am working on your question but would like more information. Could you explain your situation a little more?


For you and your daughter, what is the purpose of a background check? In other words, what are you trying to make sure you avoid? Is the 10 mile radius requirement negotiable? Is she willing to meet with a counselor? Lastly, has she ever been to therapy?

I look forward to hearing more and helping.




Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Since this search is being done online I have no personal recomendations or referals from someone I know and trust.
Background checks are just a winnowing process.

My daughter has not been in theripy before. She is willing to meet with a counselor but only with a highly trained professional as she doesn't feel she can gain any help from someone who has less or the same training as she. She has been suffering with deep depression for over a year now. She is very outgoing and eaisly masks her condition. She has finally allowed me to help by searching for professional help. Distance is a bit of an issue. I think further than 10 miles would be a deal breaker.



Thank you for the additional information. I know you are concerned about your daughter and I realize how difficult it can be to find a therapist given the challenges you presented.


I can appreciate the wish to find an ideal therapist. However, it seems that because money is an issue as well as distance, it may be more important (for now) to find someone who can be helpful currently. Untreated depression worsens over time making it harder to return to what was her previous mental and emotional functioning. She may find the therapy helpful even if the therapist did not meet her original expectations. When we are in the middle of our own issues, regardless of our training and knowledge, we lose perspective. Having another person listen to use is very valuable. After giving it a reasonable time and if it is not helpful, you can search for someone else or have the current provider make a referral.


When finding a therapist you have a few options, including what you have already done. The internet is one resource. If a therapist is licensed by the state, it usually means her or she is competent to practice and that issues regarding criminal behavior or malpractice issues have been investigated. State boards require verification of education, criminal behavior, malpractice claims, or suspension of licenses in other states when a provider applies to practice. This information is reviewed yearly or every two years. If you want to know if the professional has an pending claims you can contact their board. There is no charge for this information. That is one safeguard that will not cost you money. Another option is to ask friends and family. They can be valuable resources.


Because you have limited resources and distance is an issue, what is usually available for therapy are sliding scale agencies (such as Family Service Agency of Burbank) universities or medical schools which means she will get a student that is supervised by a licensed professional. once again, they can be very effective and helpful because you get two brains for the price of one. The student and the experienced faculty member. In some settings, there are licensed individuals with varied experiences, ages, and backgrounds.


I know its frustrating that issues like no insurance, money and distance make it so you cannot find a therapist that meets her expectations. But again, what is most important right now is that she enter into therapy to address her depression even if the therapist does not meet all of her expectations. A solid therapeutic relationship is as important and can be very effective. That is also true of a psychiatrist.


I wish you the best in your search and I hope she will be willing to schedule an appointment even if the therapist is not exactly what she wanted.


Best regards,


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