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Dr. Kaushik
Dr. Kaushik, Psychiatrist
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I worry all the time, ever since I was little, about little

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I worry all the time, ever since I was little, about little things like what someone will say to this and what will happen when I get home all day I'll worry about one small little things no matter what and it's on my mind constantly all day, it doesn't help that I procratinate but I can never get out of it, ever since highschool I've left things till the last moment even if I'm so excited to do it I'll always leave it to the end, I try to force myself to, but it's like I have no willpower, and I feel depressed sometimes because of it, I feel like what's the point to life? I'm not suicidal, but I think these things when ever I have a depressing day, I'll wake up in the morning no wanting to get out of bed, and I'd get stomach sick just thinking about having to go to work or school, I've been like this for about 15 years and I'm 21, what does this all mean? I've always wondered. Is it normal?

Hi there ,

Welcome to Just naswer !

Kindly answer the questions against their numbers .

1) Do you feel thta you are emotionally labile , meaning that your emotions get the better of you most of the times , and that you think about other people's perspective too much , plus get upset very easily and over no so complex matters , which could have been taken in your stride?

2) Do you take impulsive decisions and get frantic and anxious over trivial tasks ?

3) And finally are you having all these characterstics right from your childhood?


Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Well for question 1 I know I think about the other persons perspective to much, because I'm afraid to start conflict over asking a certain small thing or tell them what they're doing wrong, I feel like they'd hate me. For the get upset easily, well, if you mean over little things like lets say I needed to drive a co worker home I'd get worried all day over how'd they'd look at my car, my mom never comes to my aprtment cause I'm worried what she'll think of my lifestyle, I never feel happy or complete about anything.

For question 2 I do get frantic only because I leave it for the last moment, but when I first get the task I'll be excited to try it out I'll want to do my best and I get so many ideas for completing the task but it never gets done.

For question 3 I've always worried about small things my whole life, everyday, all day it may be one thing on my mind all day or several things, like when I was 6 I'd worry about getting married and taxes, in highschool I'd get stomach sick in the mornings just thinking about going, I was so stressed.

Thanks for the reply .

Well, let me tell you one thing that all of us have a particular personality type , which we kind of develop during our childhood , which may be influenced due to our surroundings , our parents , close relatives ., or people we idealize , or look upto and this particular personality type remains with us throughout life , although we can try to modify it in order to be more adaptable to our milieu / environment . The problems that you have narrated in your post are actually your personality traits , and it seems that you have Boderline personality type, as you have traits such as extreme emotional variability , too much attention and value given to other people comments and opinion, fear of being judged and looked down upon, etc . And because of this personality , you are more vulnerable to get into depression and anxiety states , which somehow may effect your personal and professional life.

I am mentioning below a link which will throw more light on Boderline personality .

As far as treatment is concerned , well as i mentioned earlier you cannot change your personality completely , but you surely can modify it according to your suitability , but you will need to work hard for it.

So, i suggest you consult a clinical psychologist , and get your Psychoanalysis done by him/ her , which will confirm the Boderline personality type , and then you may get started on Psychotherapy ( counseling in lay terms ) , by the same or any other psychologist , and a very effective type of psychotherapy for managing / dealing with boderline personality is Cognitive behavioural therapy ( CBT).I am quite sure that CBT will help you in modifying your personality to the best of your use , and it will pave a way towards a successful life ahead .

I wish you best of health . Take care..

I hope my answer serves your query according to your satisfaction.

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