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Carol Kryder LMFT
Carol Kryder LMFT, Mental Health Professional
Category: Mental Health
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My daughter who is 10 has been diagnosed with Bipolar, OCD,

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My daughter who is 10 has been diagnosed with Bipolar, OCD, ADHD, 3 years ago and she has gotten worse with treatment of all different medications. We have just taken her off Geodon and now she is not sleeping, which I new she wouldn't. We had her evaluted with a psych-testing and that doctor didn't see any sign of mental disorder which is why we took her off geodon. That doctor said she had a severe learning disability. It is a nightmare that never ends.   I feel she has anxieties and ocd, bipolar don't know about that one. Her sleeping habits have always been off since she was a baby. We want to find a place that can give me answers as to what is wrong with her once and for all and not have 2 doctors say 2 different diagnose.
Hello and thanks for using

You sound like you have been through the mill with this child and nothing has worked. Based on what you are telling me, I tend to believe that you need to rule out bipolar disorder. She may have some ADHD or even learning disabilities, but the yelling and tantrums and problems falling asleep point to bipolar disorder, in my opinion.

Please have her evaluated for bipolar by a child psychiatrist and ask if s/he thinks Lamictal would be a good choice for a medication. It has been used more recently with childhood bipolar with good results. Abilify also can help, and she may need the addition of an antidepressant to help with the anxiety/OCD. This is a very serious problem and she will most likely need two or three medications to address all of her symptoms.

Please find a child psychiatrist without delay and get the first available appointment. Please let me know if you have further questions. Best wishes to you.   I wish you well.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
We had her on lamictal and abilify, she had a reaction to lamictal and abilify she gained so much weight she bordaline diabetic. We also tried topmax which made her not sweat. She had the sleeping problem since she was 3 years(never fell asleep before 11 pm constant getting up out of been), how can that be from bipolar, the sleeping has advanced to no sleeping unitl after 3 am (if at all)and we have tried her sleeping with me. Her dad works night. I started giving her Melatonin, 1 mg but it does make her tired but not fall asleep. I am trying to find a place to take her to get tested. Thanks again. One more thing while she was trying to fall asleep , I was woken up by her hands around my neck and choking me, and when I stopped her she wasnt aware what she was doing? What does that mean?
Oh dear, you have certainly tried everything with this child. Not being able to sleep is a symptom of bipolar as well as other things. You may want to take her to a sleep disorder specialist to see if there is anything going on with her brain. The Melatonin was a good idea. Ask the doc if you can increase it to 2 mg. As for the choking, I would attribute that to a bad dream she was having at the time and she just doesn't remember. It is not significant.

Best to you in the future. You have a hard road ahead. Let me know if I can help.