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I live in Michigan, and I have got to tell you I personally

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Hi, I live in Michigan, and I have got to tell you I personally do not know about any where else in the world right now but, there is something really weird in the air here in Michigan. People up here are acting so strangely any more even my own family. I t has goteen to the point where it almost seems like the Twilight Zone, its like really far out there anymore. Am I the only person that seems to be noticing strange occurances like this?

Ok, you have me intrigued! Can you describe better for me what seems unreal or weird? The world is a very strange place, that is for sure, and sometimes things do seem weird, that is for sure.

If I have a better idea of what you are experiencing I can better figure out what is happening.

Also, how old are you? And one thing I always ask is do you abuse any drugs or alcohol? That will help me to know how to interpret your experiences.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
No, I do not do any type of drugs and very seldom do I drink. Between 40-50 yrs. of age, I don't know if I can explain myself well enough for you to understand or not, but I'll try. Everyone I know and meet anymore even my own family are so determined to try and change the way I am. In order to get anyone to help me or do anything for me anymore they all want me to change from what I am and be someone I do not want to be. Whenever I try to talk to people about the situation they steer the conversation in a different direction, when I talk anymore I feel as thou people aren't even hearing what I'm saying. I know this must sound strange its even more so to me.

Yes that does seem unusual. What exactly are they trying to change in you? Who do they want you to be? Just so I can understand you better can you help me with these questions:

what kind of work do you do?

are you currently in a relationship?

have you ever been diagnosed with a mental illnes (ie depression, anxiety, psychosis, etc)

do you have friends with whom you socialize regularly?

Thanks, *****

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I have orked as a Certified Nurse Assistant for over 12 yrs. Me and my former spouse seperated about a 11/2 yrs. ago, currently we are in the process of getting a divorce. I have been back and forth between regular medical physicians and physciartrist as well as psychologist. I do tend to be hper at times but I have been that way all my life, but when I go ee any kind of Dr. thay seem to think that I have chronic anxiety or panic attacks. I have been in the medical field too long and I know the difference between panic attacks and just being normally hyperactive. I have been having a lot of physical ailments for several years now, and Drs. do not seem to be able to find the underlining cause, at the present time I do think that I may actually be getting closer to finding the underlying cause for my symptoms. It does not seem to be all in my mind after all. Right now I'm hoping that its not too late for something to be done. Right now I'm sort of on my own my own family is too busy for me any more, they along with my former spouse think I am a hypochondriac. At the present time I live alone with my 2 dogs and 3 cats. Friends, well that depends on what you call a friend these days. I never had a lot of friends, but the friends that I did have well they stopped coming around me after me and my spouse split up.

Your situation sounds pretty complex. Have you ever taken a psychological test called the MMPI-2? It is a nice measure that gives a psychologist insight into who you are, your personality, as well as a number of other psychiatric/psychological issues.

I agree, what you describe doesn't seem to be anxiety or panic. It seems to be more related to social and interpersonal issues.

I would suggest ask your provider to have you take the MMPI-2 and see what it comes up with.

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