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Carol Kryder LMFT
Carol Kryder LMFT, Mental Health Professional
Category: Mental Health
Satisfied Customers: 808
Experience:  APA Board Certified, Diplomate,Substance Abuse Professional, 20 years family therapy experience
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I never spoke to any psychologist / psychatrist about this,

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i never spoke to any psychologist / psychatrist about this, but thisw is what i did one day in august 2007;

and it was the first and the last time this hapen;

I had a cat a very nice cat, then one day i strted to get violent with her, beating her up for no reason, then one day i got really crazy beating her up, and i trought her by the window from the 6th floor, i went to pick her up and she was injured of course, insead of taking her to see a vet, i started mastubated on her, then i took her and left her at a door of a vet, i had this cat for one year;and of course i never see the cat again.
an i really like her.
to this day i never forgot this story, and i pretty much think about this poor cat everyday, i even pray, because i think this was terible, and i still do not know why i did this;

i did a therapie for anger management, and i am much better now but i cannot forget my self for doing this...what can i do now to move on...??
Hello and welcome to

You sound like you are experiencing a great deal of guilt over your behavior both past and present. You need to talk to a qualified therapist about your compulsions and especially the sexual compulsions. You need to find out why you have the urge to be violent with animals and why you have the sexual compulsions. The therapist can also help you to move on.

I wish this could be resolved in a short online answer, but your problem is too big and complicated for the purposes of this website. Please seek appropriate help for your issues. You will be very glad you did.

Please let me know if you have any other questions or need further assistance.

I wish you well.
Carol Kryder LMFT and other Mental Health Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Dear Mrs Kryder,

I appreciate the advise given, and I would love to do another therapie like the one i did for "violent behavour"

The only problem is that i live in China, and I am in a place hwere there is no "psychologist ot therapist around here, and I was wondering if they was any one I could use on line and that you may recommend;

Thanks and regard's