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Dr. Keane
Dr. Keane, Therapist
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I work in the health care field and I have a puzzling

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Hello, I work in the health care field and I have a puzzling question. My girlfriend has been on lexapro for 2 months. Surprisingly, Saturday night after 4 drinks she was completely another person and she does not remember her actions that night. She claims she had a "black out" phase. Last week we went out on a social gathering and she had a few drinks and also does not remember parts of the gathering. However, she was not as near as altered when compared to this weekend. I have read the medical literature and there no documentation about lexapro and alcohol causing this adverse reaction. It does state that lexapro possible can enhance the effects of alcohol. However on several personal websites people have documented several "black outs" with lexapro with only a few drinks of alcohol. As a Psychiatrist, have you heard of this reaction?? Or is this my worst fear, could somebody have put a rohypnol in her drink??
Hi and welcome

Mixing medication such as lexapro and alcohol can cause "black outs". Each person's reaction to mixing alcohol and antidepressants can vary. What may happen to one person, may not have the same reaction in another. You are not suppose to use alcohol when taking antidepressants, it is clearly stated on the RX bottle. Many people do not heed the warning and some have no problem, at least a visible one, while others have a reaction much like your girlfriend did. I cannot say whether anyone put something in her drink but if she had a less adverse reaction but still had parts she could not remember of the evening I would say it is the mixture of alcohol and medication. She should talk to her doctor, and she should not drink while on the medication.
I hope this helps.
Dr. Keane
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