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Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  ABD for a PhD in Psychology, Psychotherapist for over 20 years
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Question 1 1 points Save If you were a psychologist

Customer Question

Question 1
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     If you were a psychologist who was labeled a structuralist, you would be interested in the _______ of the mind, using ______ as you primary research method.

     function; experimentation

     structure; experimentation

     function; introspection

     structure; introspection

   Question 2
1 points        Save   

     Why does the sociocultural perspective promote cultural relativity?

     to promote ethnic identity

     to promote ethnic cleansing

     to discourage passing judgment on other cultures

     to discourage the recognition of ethnic differences

   Question 3
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     Why can a psychiatrist prescribe drugs but a clinical psychologist cannot?

     Because the psychiatrist was in school longer.

     Because the psychiatrist has received medical training.

     Because the clinical psychologist has not studied human behavior broadly enough.

     Because insurance companies will not let clinical psychologists prescribe drugs.


Question 4      1 points        Save   

     Psychologists who do their work in industrial settings, medical centers, and school systems often use psychological information obtained from

     basic research.


     counseling sessions.


   Question 5
1 points        Save   

     Although related, school psychologists ________ and educational psychologists ______.

     study the ways children learn; teach future teachers

     teach future teachers; consult about behavioral problems and test

     select which students will attend which school; teach future teachers.

     consult about behavioral problems and test; study the ways children learn

   Question 6
1 points        Save   

     The term "conditioning" as used by Ivan Pavlov is another term for





   Question 7
1 points        Save   

     Workers are surveyed about their years of experience and level of job satisfaction. The goal of psychology best illustrated by this survey is





   Question 8
1 points        Save   

     In psychology, the words describe, predict, understand, and influence relate to

     descriptive methods.

     correlational methods.

     areas of psychology.

     the goals of psychology.


Question 9      1 points        Save   

     What is the current enrollment pattern for men and women interested in graduate education in psychology?

     Men outnumber women.

     Women outnumber men.

     Women and men are of equal number.

     No one knows graduate education enrollments.

   Question 10
1 points        Save   

     Which early researcher studied memory by having his/her participants pair a number and a color together?

     Mary Whiton Calkins

     Hermann Ebbinghaus


     Edward Titchener

   Question 11
1 points        Save   

     "We passively let experiences teach us about the world and we let experiences mold our personalities." Which of the following is true regarding this statement?

     The statement was made by a humanistic psychologist.

     The statement was made by a social learning theorist.

     The statement was made by a Gestalt psychologist.

     Most psychologists would reject this statement.

   Question 12
1 points        Save   

     The phi phenomenon was used by psychologists to argue that

     the rate of decay of items from short-term memory is unrelated to encoding strategy.

     basic elements of human consciousness can be discovered through the process of introspection.

     perception has meaning only when it is seen as a whole, rather than as a collection of elements.

     isolating the elements of experience can give a true understanding of behavior.

   Question 13
1 points        Save   

     You have a friend who appears to be having frequent anxiety attacks. From what you know about the psychoanalytic school, what would a psychoanalyst say was at the heart of your friend's problem?

     unconscious motives

     conscious conflicts

     Freudian slips

     classical conditioning


Question 14      1 points        Save   

     Most psychologists agree that people can only be understood by

     recognizing sociocultural influences.

     looking at brain differences.

     comparing human behavior to animal behavior.

     using formal experimentation.

   Question 15
1 points        Save   

     Self-concept refers to the idea of

     how we came into the world.

     our view of what we are like.

     how we conceptualize other people.

     the relationship we have with our parents.

   Question 16
1 points        Save   

     The broad term that encompasses procedures such as perceiving, believing, thinking, remembering, knowing, and making decisions is called





   Question 17
1 points        Save   

     Which of the following best describes truth and theory?

     It takes at least three consistent truths to comprise a theory.

     Theories that are upheld for at least 20 years are considered truths.

     Truths are tentative conclusions at best.

     Theories are not absolute and they may be revised over time.

   Question 18
1 points        Save   

     According to Sigmund Freud, where do motives reside?

     at the synaptic gap

     in the conditioned reflex

     in the unconscious mind

     at the corpus callosum


Question 19      1 points        Save   

     Why did women participate less in the development of psychology than men?

     Sexual discrimination prevented women from contributing to psychology.

     Women were not allowed to attend universities at the time psychology was founded.

     Psychology did not intend to address women's issues, so women were not included.

     Because politicians at the time would not let women study any of the sciences.

   Question 20
1 points        Save   

     Important aspects of behavior and mental processes are learned from others. Which psychologist most likely made a statement similar to this?

     Albert Bandura

     B. F. Skinner

     J. B. Watson

     Max Wertheimer

   Question 21
1 points        Save   

     Who is most closely associated with social learning theory?

     Ivan Pavlov

     Margaret Floy Washburn

     John B. Watson

     Albert Bandura

   Question 22
1 points        Save   

     Which of the following statements is true regarding Sigmund Freud's theory of behavior?

     Environmental factors influence our behavior much more than hereditary factors.

     Unconscious sexual and aggressive motives greatly influence our behavior.

     The best way to raise our children is to treat them like little adults.

     Behavior can best be analyzed by breaking the mind into its structural elements.

   Question 23
1 points        Save   

     Who was the first to publish a description of the cells of the brain, now called neurons?

     Charles Darwin

     Santiago Ramón y Cajal

     Albert Bandura

     Margaret Floy Washburn


Question 24      1 points        Save   

     Sociocultural psychologists suggest that differences between cultural groups

     need to be reduced so we can have better understanding of the individual.

     are smaller than differences between individuals within a given group.

     arise from biological differences associated with racial genetics.

     are much greater than differences between individuals within the group.

   Question 25
1 points        Save   

     Which is the correct order of completion for a psychiatrist, from first to last?

     complete medical school, internship in general medicine, residency in psychiatry

     internship in general medicine, residency in psychiatry, complete medical school

     residency in psychiatry, complete medical school, internship in general medicine

     internship in general medicine, complete medical school, residency in psychiatry

   Question 26
1 points        Save   

     A professor is interested in how study breaks influence memory. Some students take a 45-minute break while others take three 15-minute breaks. What is the independent variable?

     the topic being studied

     the memory for the material

     the number of breaks taken

     the professor's lecture time

   Question 27
1 points        Save   

     In a double blind study, who knows about the details of the study?

     the experimenter

     the participant

     both the experimenter and the participant

     neither the experimenter nor the participant

   Question 28
1 points        Save   

     If you are concerned that your researcher might actually influence the outcome of your experiment, you should conduct a

     placebo pre-trial.

     manipulation check.

     correlational study.

     blind experiment.

Question 29      1 points        Save   

     The Department of Motor Vehicles recently completed a study that indicated there is a negative correlation between the age of the driver and the number of errors on the written driving test. This result means that

     The older the driver, the more errors on the driving test.

     Younger drivers should not be allowed to drive.

     The older the driver, the fewer errors on the driving test.

     Older drivers should not be allowed to drive.

   Question 30
1 points        Save   

     If a research finding is said to be statistically significant, this means that the research finding is unlikely to

     have been measured via random assignment.

     occur by random chance alone.

     be replicated under laboratory conditions.

     practically significant in real life.

   Question 31
1 points        Save   

     Dr. Carr needs a lot of information directly from people and has only one week to collect that information. Dr. Carr would probably benefit most by using

     the clinical method.

     formal experimentation.

     the survey method.

     natural observation.

   Question 32
1 points        Save   

     If you are a participant in a blind experiment,

     the task is a visual task.

     the experimenter does not know the experimental condition you are in.

     you do not know what experimental condition you are in.

     the task involves not using your visual system.

   Question 33
1 points        Save   

     When a researcher says she is concerned about experimenter bias, what is she concerned about?

     She is concerned about influencing the behavior of the participants because she knows what condition of the study they are in.

     She is concerned about the outcomes of the study because her next federal grant is dependent upon what happens next.

     She is concerned about the study because the experimental group and the control group are both receiving placebo controls.

     She is concerned about the study because the population of interest has been recruited and is the same as the sample.

Question 34      1 points        Save   

     A university is interested in measuring student's confidence in career decisions and the effectiveness of their career counseling center. One group of students is randomly assigned to receive three weeks of career counseling; another group of students is prevented from receiving career counseling during those same three weeks. After three weeks have passed, the university asks students about their confidence in their future career using a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 indicating highest confidence. What is the dependent variable?

     whether or not students received career counseling

     the student's confidence score about the future career

     the number of weeks of counseling services

     the type of university attended

   Question 35
1 points        Save   

     When both the researchers and the participants do not know who is in the experimental group and do not know who is in the control group, this type of study is known as

     placebo controlled.



     double blind.

   Question 36
1 points        Save   

     The difference between a single blind study and a double blind study is that in a double blind study,

     neither experimenter nor participants know of the particular conditions in the study.

     correlational approaches are always preferred to more experimental analyses.

     it takes twice as many participants to complete an adequate double blind study.

     only visually impaired participants are able to fulfill the needs of the study.

   Question 37
1 points        Save   

     The basic idea for the use of descriptive statistics is to

     be able to sample accurately from the larger population.

     summarize the findings for large numbers of participants.

     describe each participant's results in surprising detail.

     differentiate between experimental and control group members.


Question 38      1 points        Save   

     A researcher wants to study the effects of caffeine on student performance on quiz scores. The research gives a caffeinated drink to half the students and a non-caffeinated drink to the other half of students. The researcher then measures quiz scores by counting the number of correct answers. Given the above scenario, what is the dependent variable?

     the number of correct answers on the quiz

     the number of students reporting that the consume caffeine everyday

     whether or not the students received a caffeinated drink during the study

     whether or not students like drinking caffeinated beverages

   Question 39
1 points        Save   

     As a researcher, you believe that anxiety causes poor test performance. From the options below, the best research technique to support or refute your hypothesis is the

     descriptive method.

     formal experiment.

     clinical method.

     correlational method.

   Question 40
1 points        Save   

     Which of the following is a condition that is required to be present for animal research to be considered valid?

     humane treatment

     lack of placebo effect

     training in animal psychology

     multiple independent variables

   Question 41
1 points        Save   

     When deception is used in a psychological study, do participants need to be told about the deception?

     No, if they have already provided informed consent.

     No, if the study is important enough to the university.

     Yes, at the beginning of the study.

     Yes, before the end of the study.


Question 42      1 points        Save   

     What is the relationship between statistical significance and practical significance?

     Statistical significance does not equal practical significance.

     If an outcome is statistically significant, this means that it has practical significance.

     If an outcome is practical significance, this means that it has statistical significance.

     Statistical significance and practical significance are really the same thing.


Question 43      1 points        Save   

     In a study examining the effects of caffeine on memory, the participants are not told if they received caffeine or not. The technical term for this procedure is that the participants were





   Question 44
1 points        Save   

     In the middle of a study concerning pain reduction, you give a participant a pill and tell him it is a painkiller. It is actually a sugar pill. The person feels a reduction of pain. The ______ effect helps to explain how this can happen.





   Question 45
1 points        Save   

     A psychologist has developed an explanation for why we sleep. In scientific terms, her explanation would be called a(n)





   Question 46
1 points        Save   

     Which research technique allows fairly confident conclusions about cause-and-effect relationships?

     case study

     correlational research

     descriptive survey

     formal experiment

Question 47      1 points        Save   

     The clinical method is a variation of

     the survey method.

     correlational methods.

     naturalistic observation.

     the dependent variable.


Question 48      1 points        Save   

     In psychological research, the idea of informed consent is that participants

     have a right to know the results of the study after it is complete.

     need to be aware of the risks and benefits of participating in research.

     should not be pressured into participating in a research experiment.

     can expect the researchers to keep the outcomes of the study confidential.

   Question 49
1 points        Save   

     A psychology class found a strong correlation between armed robbery and ice cream sales. What could they conclude from their data?

     Armed robbery causes people to eat ice cream.

     The incidence of robbery is high near ice cream shops.

     Perhaps a third factor, such as seasonal temperature, is involved.

     Eating ice cream causes people to become violent and commit robbery.

   Question 50
1 points        Save   

     Another name for the bell-shaped curve in statistics is the


     standard deviation.

     box plot.

     normal distribution.
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