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Just how "obligate and strong" are laws regarding the

Customer Question

Just how "obligate and strong" are KY laws regarding the dispensing of apatient's curent meds after a patient has been kicked out of practice
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Nancy replied 8 years ago.


Could you be a little more specific about the situation so I can help you better?

What I think you are asking is how long can the doctor's continue to prescribe medications for a patient they no longer see... is that right?


Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Thanks so much for your reply!OK...actually, I am certain I put it wrong. Here's the situation: My best friend has been going through simply the worst of times for about 2 years. Never had a "illness" that I can remember...and so sad to see her so different due to depression, hopelessness, and most other mental health related issues. Apparently, the office manager has just "not liked Susan"....period, from day 1. (She just moved back from MI recently and referred her to my psychiatrist as felt he is the best of the best). After a mere three weeks, the doctor I spoke so highly of have flabborgated me as to "OK, now what's going on here?. Neverthless, as of two days ago, Susan received a fed ex letter from the doctor stating upon the reading of this letter, she had been dismissed from his practice (6 page litany as to why) and furthermore barredher from coming to his office and moreover was not writing any prescriptions from this leter's date forth. I'm an RN and have been so offended at the harsh treatment of Susan at her lowest moments. I'm feeling so upset that he (doctor) would dream it ethical practice to withhold meds, as she needs to get into new MD first before even having resovoir by which to obtain any psych meds. This, as I know, can afect not only her mental stability as to complete setback but due the one schedule 2 med she's on, physical symptoms are all too induced with no taper, etc. OK: long story short: Is there and actual law against this type antic? Otherwise is it anywhere you might know as a "guideline" or component or the like. I hope you'll have news for me Yes! I would appreciate till the end of her-ex husand much too long stay, esp., since another blow and I'm too on-top-of-heit ad naseum. Please advise as to the law/versus unpoken rule adherance should there some

type of anything that's been put into fundamental writing! Thanks so much, Lis Zim

Expert:  Nancy replied 8 years ago.


Whether or not he can legally dismiss her like that has to do with the reasons he gave her for not coming back.

What did he tell her?


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
He told her he didn't think he could help her, as in session, she always seemed to have all the answers. Indeed, she was anxious and didn"t know how she was "appropriately" supposed to act when going through crisis. One would think (I would...he was my referral) he would be sensitive to the disorder..albeit...situational that she was presenting to give her the meds in the first place. However, after dimissing her from the practice, he cessated prsecriptions that were actually relieving her symptoms.