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Dr. Kaushik
Dr. Kaushik, Psychiatrist
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My husband has quit his job of 33 years in March 2009. He is

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My husband has quit his job of 33 years in March 2009. He is a truckdriver, and he has tried X2 jobs and only stayed 2-3 days. He is 53 YRS, and SEVERLY DEPRESSED. He DREAMS of killing himself, (and others sometimes)...EVERY NIGHT. He constantly tells the family he wants to Kill Himself and get it over with. His right arm keeps shaking alot when he writes etc. He sleeps alot and isolates himself. We do not have INSUR. now because he is unemployed. I dont work, I have LUPUS/Severe BK PAIN....WHAT CAN I DO TO HELP THIS POOR MAN I live with????
Hi there,

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Well, from the symptoms of your husband which you have mentioned , it clearly indicates that your husband is suffering from Major depressive disorder ( MDD) , also called as Clinical depression , and it is typical of a paient of MDD , to have suicidal ideas or ideas of self harm and also to have feeling of hopelessness, helplessness, inability to feel pleasure in previously pleasurable activities .It is due to his underlying major depression that he is not able to stick to his job , as his depressive mood overwhelmes him. But, at the moment , the feature of depression in your husband which worries me most is his suicidal thoughts , and thereby i request you to keep a close watch on him ,as it is quite commonly seen that such depressed patients do indulge in acts of self harm , which at times can be fatal also.

Also, his Major depressive features warrant immediate attention for your husband by a Psychiatrist , who shall start him on the right treatment regime , and once he gets placed on such a regime , and ia maintained on it for a few months , i am quite sure he will return to normal self and will be able to find a job and resume his duties that he used to carry out previously both professionally and personally.

So, the main point here is to get him to see a Psychiatrist and get him started on the right treatment for Depression.

I am mentioning below a treatment regime , which you can discuss with his psychiatrist / doctor , once he gets an appointment with him/her.

1) 1 Anti depressant such as Effexor XR (venlafaxine), OR Paxil or Zoloft (sertraline ) needs to be started to treat his depression.

2) 1 Anti anxiety drug such as Buspar (that he is already placed on) or Klonopin( clonazepam) or Ativan (lorazepam ) needs to be added to the 1 anti depressant.

3) 1 Mood stabilizer such as Lithium or Valproate in low dose also needs ro be added .

So, to summarize he needs to be placed on A combination of 1 Anti depressant , 1 anti anxiety drug and 1 mood stabilizer . The doctor may choose from the names mentioned above , and he/ she needs to decide on the dosages and time of intake of the drugs chosen.

Besides , the drug therapy , you can also get him placed on Psychotherapy ( counseling ) alongside Drug therapy , as the combination of drug therapy and psychotherapy will fasten the process of his recovery and also will be more effective treatment option than either of the two when used alone.

I suggest you consult the psychiatrist as soon as possible and get him started on the regime proposed above and i am quite sure he will benefit from this.

I wish your husband rapid recovery to the best of health.

I hope my answer serves your query according to your satisfaction.

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