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Dr. Vikas
Dr. Vikas, Psychiatrist
Category: Mental Health
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Is there any known link with Glandular fever and Bipolar

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Is there any known link with Glandular fever and Bipolar symptoms
Hello starry,

Could you please tell me that -

Is there any positive family history of mood disorder or Psychiatric illness in your family (Both towards the mother and fathers side )?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Absolutely none
Thanks for the information. Many physical diseases and pharmacological agents are known to precede the onset of both depressive and manic episodes, however, they do not generally seem to cause them but mobilize them in persons with a personal and family history of mood disorders, that is why I asked is there any positive family history of Psychiatric illness in the family.

Occasionally it may happen in a person with no such family history also because of the stress caused by the illness.

Another possible reason for this could be due to some organic causes such as meningitis or encephalitis which occasionaly may present in this manner and which are complication of Glandular fever ,please see this link complication of Glandular fever

but as you said she is under assessment in a Psychiatry unit, if it is the cause they will find it out.

I wish and hope she will get well soon.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Thank you for this answer. However we as a family think that she is being held unnecassarily. She has no depressive states and is just very angry at being held in this hospital, mainly because her mother cannot deal with her going off and also being angry with her. We are not convinced that she has bipolar and more concerned that she is so stressed because this Glandular Fever is also preventing her from being selected to play in the Olympic Women's Ice Hockey team, the selection is being held in Italy this weekend and she is beside herself with the frustration . She has worked so hard to be in the British team and is the youngest player.

Can you give me any way in which we can dispute this decision to hold her?


Dear *****,

I feel really very sorry for your grand-daughter after knowing all this, but I am not in a state and position to comment on that.

I hope you can understand my situation.

Kindest Regards.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Thank you. Yes I do understand your position. I was hoping that a connection with bipolar and GF would demonstrate that that was the problem. I think it is mainly the stress that is so frustrating for her. She is such a gutsy girl and goes full out when playing ice hockey - a little demon! This has set her back like nothing else.

Thank you for your good wishes on her recovery.