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Dr. Kaushik
Dr. Kaushik, Psychiatrist
Category: Mental Health
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My mother is 86 and suffering from severe anxiety. She has

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My mother is 86 and suffering from severe anxiety. She has been in hospital for almost one year. Her medication is Trazidone, prozac and lorazipan. Her condition is worsening. Can you please tell me what questions I should be asking? I have asked for a second opinion, but am finding it difficult to find somebody who will liaise with her consultant and visit her in her hospital setting. The area is Scotland
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I am really sorry to hear about your mother having to suffer from such a condition since such a long time , but , i am quite surprised to know that she has been hospitalized for severe anxiety , which is umncommon , as most anxiety patients are treated on OPD basis , any how, what concerns me more is that she has been hospitaized since 1 year , and am i right to believe that it is her severe anxiety that is keeping her in hospital ? Is this right ?

Also tell me how is her memory , does she remember important personal information about herself and her family members such as does she rememeber names of near and dear ones, does she remember her own name , date of birth , address, year and date of marriage and other must know things ?

Kindly explain to me , what does her psychiatrist have to say about the reason for keeping her in hospital for such a long time?

Please try to answer the above queries as this would help me understand her condition well , and only then i will be able to help you .

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

She does remember important family detail, but can forget recent episodes. Her anxiety gets in the way of her thought process. She gets in a state and her own condition is predominant. She has a constant stomach ache, and constantly thinks she needs to go to the loo. She craves cigarettes as a release to her anxiety. We have been told she has slight dementia, but her tests are only slightly positive. She could not leave hospital, as she requires constant reassurance. I hope this helps.


Thanks for the information.

Well, first of all we need to consider the fact that despite your mother having been placed on trazadone , lorazepam and prozac , for quite a long time , has not showed any improvement in her Anxiety , which makes us believe that your mother has deveoped resistance against these drugs , as a result of which these drugs have become ineffective in controlling her anxiety .

To add further to her Anxiety disorder , she probably also has developed Senile ( age related ) Dementia , in which the person becomes agitated , anxious , and this is adding futher to her anxiety.

So i would suggest that you consult her Psychiatrist , and ask her to review her psychiatry drugs , as the drugs have become ineffective due to the body developing resistance against these drugs .

Also, discuss with the psychiatrist ,use of anti depressants belonging to different group such as Venlafaxine and milnacipran , which belong to SNRI anti depressant group , different from prozac ( ssri anti depressant ) and trazadone ( atypical anti depressant ), plus venlafaxine and milnacipran are quite effective in controlling Anxiety . So, out of the two , the doctor may choose only 1 anti depressant and along with this drug , the anti anxiety drug lorazepam is to be continued .Alternative anti anxiety drugs to lorazepam , are - clonazepam , etizolam , buspirone .Any one of these can be used if lorazepam becomes ineffctive.

I wish your mother best of health.

I hope my answer serves your query according to your satisfaction.

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