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Dr Sameer Kauchali
Dr Sameer Kauchali, Mental Health Professional
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  I have a diploma in Mental Health and app 5 years of clinical experience in General Psychiatry
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I have a huge phobia of needles and medication - have tried

Customer Question

I have a huge phobia of needles and medication - have tried to work on it via hypnosis, emdr, CBT, counselling and NLP. I have had an ulcer on my foot for 9 years and how have gangrene and a bone infection which has also lead to septicaemia. I have been in hospital but they dont want to deal with me once I mention why I am reluctant to have needles stuck in me. My GP has suggested putting a peg in my tummy to feed me antibiotics but the hospital have just suggested that I "grow up"! Please help I am at the end of my tether - I have been discharged even though the above could kill me!
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Dr Sameer Kauchali replied 8 years ago.

Hi there

If what you describe is true (that you could die due the bone infection and gangrene and septicaemia) and that you DO want to get better, BUT because of the phobia of needles, and the weak veins they are unable to give you intravenous medications, then my suggestion is the following:

  • try to go via the nasogastric tube method first (before attemting the PEG) to get medication into your body
  • if the infection is very severe (as you have mentioned), then discuss with the medical team to insert the intravenous drips via the bigger veins found underneath your collar bone (the subclavian vein) or any other large calibre vein. They could do this perhaps by giving you some sedation (perhaps inhaled anaesthetics) to help with the anxiety.

Please do not leave this until it is too late as you definitely need antibiotics for the treatment of the bone infection and septicaemia.

Wishing you well.