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Lively, Psychologist
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, 10 years experience working with individuals, couples, & families
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My daughter is on probation for domestic abuse on myself her

Customer Question

my daughter is on probation for domestic abuse on myself her mother. her boyfriend is in jail for stealing our credit card which she doesn't believe he did. she is continuing to do pot and not adhere to probation terms what can i do to get help and not feel like i have betrade her.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Lively replied 8 years ago.

It does sound like your daughter is in crisis and really needs an intervention. I would suggest that you bring her to a local crisis center or emergency room for psychiatric assessment and to see if she requires inpatient treatment.

Once they do an evaluation of her, they will either determine that she requires hospitalization or that she does not meet criteria for hospitalization but may need outpatient care. If she requires hospitalization, she will be admitted for an evaluation period of 3-days in which the hospital mental health team will assess her needs as to further inpatient treatment or outpatient treatment. If they release her, they will help you set up outpatient treatment with a psychologist/psychiatrist and/or substance abuse specialist.

If, when you bring your daughter to the crisis center or emergency room, they determine that she does not meet criteria for hospitalization, I would strongly encourage you to ask the staff for outpatient referrals for a psychiatrist, psychologist AND a substance abuse counselor in your area. You might also be interested in finding a family therapist to help you all cope with the changes in your family relationships.

Unfortunately, given that she's 17 years old, I think that you are no longer able to file a CHINS (Child In Need of Services) order which would take care of all of this stuff for you through the juvenile court.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
what do i do if she won't go with me to er.i do feel this is best but she is so violent at this point i'm not quite sure how to approach her with it.
Expert:  Lively replied 8 years ago.
If you don't feel safe taking her or if she becomes violent when you suggest it, you could call the police. This would ensure that you and your family stays safe and also would allow your daughter to get the care she needs as police officers are, by law, allowed to send someone with mental health problems for involuntary assessment to a psychiatric facility. This involuntary assessment is frequently referred to as a "pink paper" (the color of the paper that the order for treatment is written on) or as a "section 12" (the section of the law code that allows for involuntary psychiatric assessment).