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I have a roommate who does things in the middle of the

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Good afternoon, I have a roommate who does things in the middle of the night, has full conversations, and recently claimed in an e-mail he sent to me in the middle of the night that he had sexually assaulted me while I was asleep after a night of drinking. He denies everything about every case, and he has even begun to accuse me of having sent such an e-mail from his own e-mail account. I have considered multiple personalities and something as benign as not remembering what had happened the night before because he tired or maybe he did not want to remember. What does this sound like to you?
I would have to suggest that schizophrenia/ personality disorders would be high up in my list of differential diagnosis.
I would certainly advise you to try and get medical help for your roommate, by contacting his family/ friends if possible.
I would recommend that you consider moving out too, if possible,
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you for the rapid response. I hope additional information can help you narrow your opinion on this matter. I looked up schizophrenia, and it suggests hearing voices and being withdrawn socially. While this guy is quite quiet, I can tell it's because he's either thinking or observing. He has never said anything about what "they" say or hearing "them." The times I know of where odd conversations going un-remembered has been an issue have all been at night. I have heard that sometimes, maybe three times in two years, when people wake up in the middle of the night, their brains don't necessarily register everything or sometimes anything that goes on, as if the brain is still sleeping. They still perform fully conscience actions and have conversations, they just don't "record" it in their memories. Another thing I have been made aware of is a multiple personality disorder where the personalities are very similar so it's difficult to observe which is which. Would that cause a mis-filing of memories? The last thing is that his family says he has no history of this kind of behavior, but I have observed it. Could these things be brought on by different inputs, such as living with a different person with their unique personality and living in a much different environment than before? I thank you for the suggestions you have made so far, and I certainly look forward to what you have to say with these things factored in.
Given advise online without physically examining the patient is difficult at the best of times.
Without having a medical professional to interpret the findings that you have suggested, and without a detailed family profile, any thing that we discuss would be not medically sound.
Even with a detailed mental health professional opinion sometimes it takes time to diagnose schizophrenia/ PD. In this case the intermittent and subtle signs that you are describing do point towards one of these conditions. However I would not be in a position to confirm these, without a detailed mental health evaluation.
To answer your question, certainly environmental "stressors" can precipitate mental health disorders, in suscpetible individuals
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
What has happened has gotten both of our attentions quite intently. He is more quiet than normal, he like me, is deeply religious, and he has been consulting Scripture. I would assume he's been talking to family and friends as well. I have been staying away from them too much, because I don't want to alienate them in this time.
   My last question, could something like this, with such an impact, shake this kind of "disorder" or abnormality out and make it go away? Ex. Could an intense event like this that brings such a subconscious issue to a forefront and gain the person's full attention make the mind address the issue and close this kind of behavior off for good, like a self-therapy?
   Again, thank you for your help.
lt;p>Hi,</p><p>Tough to say really without knowing the person really well, and the circumstances around him.</p><p>Yes it is possible, but I do not believe that for most people this is likely to work in a long term and meaningful way.</p><p>Even if this leads to a temporary relief in symptoms, these are likely to recur unless professional help is taken,</p><p>Regards</p>
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