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Lively, Psychologist
Category: Mental Health
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What does is mean if i can't focus at all, hours feel like

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What does is mean if i can't focus at all, hours feel like minutes sometimes? When i was in secondry school, i lost all of my friends, and after, for some reason, i started copying other peoples facial expressions, and doing what other people do? I don't know why i did it. When i run, i don't feel as if i am controling my own body, it feels like it runs by itself. When i am writing this message, my fingers move by themselves. When i was younger, i had ocd, i never had it diagnosed, but i am sure i did.. I kept having obsessions of getting HIV, and my parents dying... and i rememeber the day i found a technique by myself which i learnt to blank out my head... i think i do it all the time now. Every time i thought, i blanked the thought out. Everything feels fake and pointless to me, when i look at people, it seems like its a video game kind of, and unreal. I feel invisible, I'm not joking, people never look at me, really.. And everything i have just wrote, was a voice in my head

Most of the symptoms that you're describing could be due to severe anxiety/obsessive thinking, although it's possible that there are other causes for your symptoms. I would suggest that you see a psychologist or psychiatrist for a full assessment and to discuss how best to treat the symptoms that you're experiencing. It sounds like a very difficult way to live; getting some help in reducing and/or managing your symptoms would likely make a world of difference in terms of your own personal happiness and your comfort in relationships with others.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
do you have any ways to improve my relationships with other people?
I think that you will need to get help in managing your anxiety and the other symptoms you mentioned before your relationships significantly improve. Taking the time to work on yourself and to feel comfortable with yourself almost always helps you feel more comfortable and connected with others.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
is there any way this can improve with time alone?
It's possible. In my experience however, many people find that their anxiety actually worsens with time unless they seek help in managing it.