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Category: Mental Health
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Latey i have been having a watery discharge its like cloudy

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latey i have been having a watery discharge its like cloudy water and it has an oder and when it dries it leaves a yellow stain it leaves me felling very wet and i need to change my underwear more the once there is no burning of any kind but every so often im a little itchy what is this please help
Have you seen your doctor for this? Have had any vaginal swabs taken for tests?
How long have you had this problem?
Is there an odor associated with this discharge?
Is there any white discharge?
Is the itching more internal or external?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
i have been to a doctor but when i went he told me i had a burst blood vessal and he said i wolud have some discharge it has been a couple of months i had been checked for std's and it was all negative there is an odor with the discharge and it is withe when it is leaking and the itching is internal
Thank you for the extra information. Too be honest, I'm not sure what your doctor meant by a burst blood vessel or why it would take months to heal. This seems more like a normal vaginal infection, also called vaginitis. Typically, vaginitis is caused by either a yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis, or Trichomoniasis. Your symptoms sound more like eiher BV or Trichomoniasis and a vaginal swab could diagnosis this. The treatment would be a simple antibiotic to help reset the normal bacteria in the vagina.

Also, some women are just prone to increased vaginal mucus production which is called leukorrhea. This is not a sign of any infection or STD.
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