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My wife is very depressed. Has been off/on for aboit two weeks.

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My wife is very depressed. Has been off/on for aboit two weeks.   She was on Paxil (Paroxitne) for about 1 1/2 years and was changed to Pristig about a month ago. She is having feelings of hurting herself.   She does not want to really get out of bed. She had a hysterectomy in Nov of 08. It it related?    We moved from Chi in May and has no one here she feels she can talk to (had a therapist in Chi + family/friends)

I am very concerned about the fact that your wife is experiencing these symptoms. This is really a medical emergency. If you have a primary care physician in Texas, I would suggest calling them immediately.

If not - I would suggest calling the local mental health crisis center (or local emergency department) to see about having her evaluated for an emergency psychiatric admission or evaluation by a psychiatrist.

She should NOT wait until May.
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