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Lively, Psychologist
Category: Mental Health
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I was on Cymbalta 30 mg and stopped 5 days ago. I was going

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I was on Cymbalta 30 mg and stopped 5 days ago. I was going to go on Lexapro 10mg and was on that for only 3 days and stopped it 2 days ago. Today, I feel dizzy, and you know how your head feels when you have a fever? I feel like that but don't have a fever. Is this normal withdrawal and how long is this going to last? Is there anything I can do to lessen the effects of what I'm feeling? I am also getting pressure in my ears everytime I move..this is horrible!


The symptoms that you are describing sound like those that many people experience when they stop taking antidepressant medication suddenly. Usually when people want to come off of an antidepressant they work with their doctors to determine how best to wean off of the meds so that they don't experience these kinds of things- often this process takes a few weeks to a month or even more in some cases.


For most people withdrawal symptoms like the ones you're experiencing last a few days to a week, but I would suggest that you contact your prescribing physician and ask him/her what to do- especially if your symptoms last longer than this. Your doctor might recommend that you start taking the pills again for a little while just so that you can wean off gradually rather than stopping abruptly.

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