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My 44-yr-old brother has been struggling emotionally for the

Resolved Question:

My 44-yr-old brother has been struggling emotionally for the last few months, mostly due to stress and marriage issues. In the last few days, he has decided that his wife is trying to have him killed; he is easily agitated; he is losing weight; he is scared; he cannot sleep; he does use Vicatin for knee surgery pain; and now believes that the ER doctor who examined him is "in on the Arian plot" to kill him along with his wife. Could this be more than just a mental disorder? Shouldn't he be getting blood tests and counseling to help figure things out? Help us.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Psych Doc replied 8 years ago.
Your brother has most probably schizophrenia or anxiety disorder. He needs to be evaluated in detail by a mental health physician/Psychiatrist. Ambien is basically to help him sleep. He needs medicines specifically for anxiety or schizophrenia (if he is suffering) to help control his symptoms.
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