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My girlfriend broke up wit me about one month ago, for about

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My girlfriend broke up wit me about one month ago, for about two weeks I couldnt eat or sleep, I came back from uni for xmas and I started to feel alot better, could see it was neaver going to work as it was long distance. I felt like a huge weight had been lifted of me. I found out three days ago she has a new boyfriend and I feel like im back to square one, I cant eat, food is unappealing, I am in and out of sleep all night, I am smoking more than usual (still not a large amount) I feel like she is getting on with her life and I am not, I feel stressed out and anxious constantly. Ive went from 13 stone to 12 stone in the last month. Im just so scarred this will not get any better. I cannot relax at all. Im just wondering if I can get any advice on what I should do, or what the natural course will be? should I contact a doctor?
You are certainly suffering from an acute feeling of anxiety. In the natural course of things you are likely to start feeling better over the next few weeks. However positive thought, distraction, physical activity, regular schedule and having a hobby would certainly help your case.
Given the fact that you are feeling that the above mentioned things are not helping at the moment, you would do well to actually talk to a mental health professional at the present time. They would be able to help you to feel better faster, and if needed, prescribe you some medication too,
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