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Dr. Kaushik
Dr. Kaushik, Psychiatrist
Category: Mental Health
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Hello Dr. Kaushik, thank you for your answer. However, I got

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Hello Dr. Kaushik, thank you for your answer. However, I got this much from looking up deluosional behavior on the internet. Even erotomanic was described as a type. What I need, and apparently I did not make myself clear enough, is HOW I can get her to get psychiatric help. Do I just tell her straight out, you are delusional and suffering from a psychosis and need to seek psychiatric help? According to wikipedia, these people don't believe anything is wrong with them. Does the family grab her for an intervention and forcibly take her? Is there some way I can somehow convince her that she needs help? I think challenging her belief is going to make her angry and defensive. Simply saying she needs help is not much help, as I KNOW she needs help. HOW do I get her to accept such help? HOW do I get her to understand she needs help? I assume telling her "Olivia, you are crazy" will not go over well. Thanks
Hi there, Now that you are aware of erotomania, that your daughter is suffering from, then you must realise that any sort of reasoning or pleading or telling her that she is deluional wil not make her seek professional help, AS , it is the hallmark of a delusion that a person suffering fom it has a false firm belief in something which cannot be shaken by any sort of conversation or evidence given to the contrary.


So, no matter how hard you may explain to her about her present condition, that will not help .


Secondly, applying force to get her see a psychiatrist may seem to be an option, but mind t your daughter is an adult and the whole idea may backfire as this involves some legal hassles as she may accuse you people for undermining her rights and believe with her underlying psychosis it will not be odd if she does that.


Also, since she has delusion of an affair with a high profile celebrity, so application of force will only draw much curiosity and attention from the onlookers and will not only make the whole issue a talking point among the neighborhood , but also will make the very personal and family issue ,an issue of public interest and this may also put label on your daughter.


So, finally we are left with one option and that is you consult a Psychiatry Hospital or a Nursing Home or for that matter a Psychiatry helpline service, these agencies deal with such kind of issues on a very common basis and they know how to deal with them, as they may send out their health workers to get your daughter admitted , also this will evade any kind of legal hassle. Also, you may seek help from a lawyer on this very website as to how you can take decision on behalf of your daughter , since she is psychotic and lacks insight.


I hope my answer serves your query according to your satisfaction.


There is a green accept button that you have to press , so that i can get my due.



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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX what I was afraid of. Her brother and sister, who live closer to her, are planning to consult with a psychiatrist to see what we can do. Sorry It took so long to read your reply, I am having trouble wiht my email system and did not see your answer until today.
Thank you.

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