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Patrick, Psychologist
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, specializing in PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Panic Disorder, and Forensics.
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Will a doctor evaluate my bipolar disorder and depression

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Will a doctor evaluate my bipolar disorder and depression prior to 1995 diagnosis when my disorders began. I'm having a hard time finding someone to help me. Can someone help me?
I am sorry to hear that you did not have enough credits to claim Social Security Disability. Many people fail to realized that after a certain period of time once unemployed credits expire.

As to the VA. I suggest you go to

Here you will find all the information needed concerning compensable disabilities and how they are rated.

Then go to:

Here you will find the rating schedule for mental disorders.

If you are claiming Bipolar Disorder you want to resubmit it with the coding for Bipolar which is 9432. Do not ask for an Appeal of your decision. Ask for a reconsideration or a DRO Review (if your decision is 12 months old or less) with any new supportive evidence such as a VA/Private doctor's summary, notes, or any evaluation performed by a Psychiatrist or a Ph.D. level Psychologist. The VA will accept diagnoses from these two practitioners only. So a regular MD or a Social Worker will not suffice. If your decision is over 12 months old you must refile a new claim.

A DRO review is simply saying that you do not agree with the rater's findings. A DRO is the Supervisor of all raters in a VA Regional Office and can overturn any decision made by a rating team.

Good luck

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Clinical Psychologist
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Mr. Patrick,

Thank you for your reply but my question wasn't answered. Can you help with a history and evaluation for reconsideration. I know I need a doctors statement or summary to have my case reopened. Is this something you can help with?

The problem with my ability to help you is limited to advice only. To do an evaluation it would have to be in person and a period of time. I would be unethical for me to provide you an evaluation your seeking because you are not my patient and I do not have access to your entire VA C-file.

I can offer you a model of a Self-Report that I created that could guide you in setting up a very detailed description of how to write about all your service-connected disorders. This can be accessed at:

This forum is called the Veterans Benefits Network and contain people who are current and former raters, psychologists like myself who ran a Vet Center and performed C and P examinations for the VA, and a host of other people where you can get a great deal of information ranging from filing claims to Agent Orange, and more. This site is very good and I have been affiliated with it for 7 years. You can join for $12 a year or for free with some minor access limits.

I hope this answered your question and if it did please hit the ACCEPT button.

Clinical Psychologist
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