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For 11 years I worried that I had a heart problem. Over time,

Resolved Question:

For 11 years I worried that I had a heart problem.   Over time, I also developed a fear of bridges and heights. Then I developed a fear of speaking in front of large groups. In May 08, I scheduled an appointment with an anxiety therapist. The first day she gave me a CD to listen to. On this CD, there was folks talking about their fears and symptoms, ranging from thoughts of hurting loved ones, to fears of passing out. That same night I woke up to a bad panic attack, and immediately worried "what-if I go crazy and hurt my family". This has caused me to become depressed and lose some sleep. Now, I have an overwhelming fear that I may have bipolar. I constantly search forums on symptoms and peoples experiences. I take bipolar screening tests, and then second guess my answers. I think because I have over spent and mismanaged my money at times, and that I am depressed at 34, that I must be bipolar. This really scares me! Although I never remember having any true manic episodes, I can’t quit worrying about it. Does this resemble bipolar?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  DocHarrison replied 8 years ago.


It is difficult to determine if you are suffering from a form of bipolar, which includes depression and hypomania (not fully manic, but times of high energy, high spending). However, you certainly meet the criteria for an anxiety disorder, which may mimic the "highs" of bipolar disorder. In either case, you are clearly suffering from your worrying and it sounds like more treatment is necessary.


Although the internet has many tests for bipolar disease, it can only be accurately diagnosed by a health profession. You need to see a psychiatrist for a full evaluation. At the very least, your anxiety can be treated, but it is possible that a diagnosis of bipolar disorder is also accurate here, in which case you will need additional treatment.


Stop putting yourself in the position of trying to diagnose yourself - it is impossible! Make an appointment and set your mind at ease.


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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I have seen a therapist since May and she has said that I wasn't bipolar, but why do I worry so much about it. It seems I rotate from fear of going crazy, to fear of hurting someone, to fear of losing interest in things, to fear of being bipolar. Why all of the fears? I do still function well in society and work. It just seems to be always ruminating in my head.

Expert:  DocHarrison replied 8 years ago.

The worrying is generalized anxiety disorder. You should see adoctor for this and get appropriate treatment.


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