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Prof. Ward MA LSWA
Prof. Ward MA LSWA, Therapist
Category: Mental Health
Satisfied Customers: 7
Experience:  Masters Degree, Childhood Psychopathology Prof , Licensed Social Worker Asso
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i have lost my will power to achieve my goals and i have lost my ability trust people

Customer Question

this is hard to talk about but since my relationship ended in 2007 i have my will power to do anything it seems like i only live to please others i try my best to get well but it never seems to work.
i am final year student at university i managed to finish all the modules just have my final year project to hand in but i just don't make time to get on with it.
it seems like am not good at anything and as if this not big problem everyone want something from me and i never get do do any of these thing.
in 2004 i went on health diet and drop to 70 kg from 115 kg now am 111kg again i just don't have will to do anything.
i want to rebuild my life but just don't know were to start i being meaning to go to counseling but i just dont make time for it.i have never being able to keep a relationship going thought it might because i was sexual abuse when i was child and this person i thought was the one but no matter what i did it did not workout NOW I NEED HELP TO REBUILD MY LIFE HELP ME PLEAS
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Prof. Ward MA LSWA replied 8 years ago.

Hello beria, Thanks for your question. I am sorry to hear that you feels so lost. After reading your concerns I find that the outsiders view could be very helpful for you. A few things I noticed- you appear very sad but desperately want to change that- Well thats what needs to happen, I am aware that this is easier said then done but no one else can do it for you (plus whats the worst that can happen?) By what you have said you feel that you have lost all your motivation but I assure you this will pass. However, you will need some assistance from others once you have made the choice to change. Reach out to those who reach out to you, talk to a professional, clear your head with meditation and exercise.


To leave behind the person you currently do not like you need to take the step forward in becoming the person you want to become. It is very scary but well worth it in the long run, and when it gets bumpy reach out. Best of luck- Muse

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
it seem impossible but how where do i start. which step do i take first what should i do and what i should not do i just don't know were to beginning

i am going to be graduate psychologist in 6 month time and i cant even help myself all that i wish and dream about it falling apart i just cant stop it
Expert:  Prof. Ward MA LSWA replied 8 years ago.

Well first figure out what you want to change- feelings, people in your life, etc

Then decided what things you would like to keep- things you enjoy doing, people you like to be around, etc


Now look at the lists- From the keep list pick one and from the lose list pick one (more than that can overwhelm a person) for example if you are sick of feeling sad do a hobby that makes you happy.


Next work on one issue at a time and remember there is only so much you can do so do your best and don't stress the things you can not change. For example if you had a difficult experience in your childhood that is still weighing you down- put it aside for today- its a big challenge too much for one person to solve in one day. Its a process and right now you need to focus on today not yesterday (it will still be there later for when your ready to work on it).


Find a therapist that you can vent your frustrations to- ask around to people you trust they may know one or call your pcp for a referral. Do the same for a medication evaluation- it will help you get more focused to deal with the issues when you are not focusing on feeling depressed. Stress, sadness and anxiety is taking up too much space in your head and heart. Third, cut yourself some slack. You are your own worst enemy and harshest critic. You have began to reach out to others so keep going. I know you can do it- all you need now is to believe you can- good luck. -Muse



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