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This week my mother was admitted to the hospital due to

Resolved Question:

This week my mother was admitted to the hospital due to withdrawal symptoms from EFFEXOR. After being found living in her car frightened and nearly unresponsive, the hospital had to treat her first for hypothermia. The treatment recommendation I found was a small amount of Prozac every other day under supervision until the withdrawal symptoms minimized. During which time, the patients were taken off of all other depression medications. The attending physician, at a loss, agreed to try this treatment. After family left the hospital last night, the psychiatrist showed up. The psychiatrist prescribed ABILIFY. Ignoring concerns about long-term problems of ABILIFY on the elderly and its impact on the nervous system, I fear the psychiatrist attempted an evaluation of a patient going through withdraw instead of treating her current condition. I am fearful of the added side-effects from the various mediations. Her current condition is the result of transitioning from EFFEXOR to CYMBALTA.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  DocHarrison replied 8 years ago.


These are all legitimate concerns, and the only person who can adequately address them is the psychiatrist treating your mother. Call your mother's nurse at the hospital and ask them to page the psychiatrist (or his partner on call). Talk about your concerns and listen carefully to the answer. It will likely put you at ease, or may provide additional information that the doctor didn't have previously.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you. We tried to reach the psychiatrist and his reply was we'll have to schedule an appointment later in the week. Right now, we are forbidding any additional medication beyond the treatment we found online. With that she is showing improvement.
Expert:  DocHarrison replied 8 years ago.

Hi, I'm happy to hear she is feeling better, but if you are concerned (which you are), don't wait until next week. The doctor needs to make time for your questions, so call the office tomorrow and get some answers!

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