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Carol Kryder LMFT
Carol Kryder LMFT, Mental Health Professional
Category: Mental Health
Satisfied Customers: 808
Experience:  APA Board Certified, Diplomate,Substance Abuse Professional, 20 years family therapy experience
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I have been on numerous antidepressants/moodstabilises for

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I have been on numerous antidepressants/moodstabilises for major depression with no relief. Often I am suicidal. The only relief I get is from dexedrine bought illicitly. Despite its dangers is it really such a big deal to request dexedrine from my doctor, taking into account that my depression may ultimately kill me? well as medications listed I have also failed to respond to a high dose of venlafaxine


Thanks for using Just I hope I can be of assistance, but I require some additional information. I am somewhat confused, because you report that you suffer from depression, yet the antidepressants and mood stabilizers have given you no relief. You do report that Dexidrine is the only thing that gives you relief from your symptoms.

The medications you have taken are used to manage symptoms of depression and bipolar disorder. Dexidrine is a stimulant and is used for narcolepsy and sometimes ADHD. Dexidrine can be habit-forming and that is probably why the doctor is reluctant to prescribe it for you. I wonder if the suicidal ideation comes when you are "crashing" from the Dexidrine? How long have you been taking it? Have you gotten a second opinion?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I have always suffered from depression but in a major way since young adulthood. I have self medicated with dexedrine on and off for years.

HOWEVER I have gone through periods of up to 3 years, clean from dexedrine, but have been incapacitated and bedridden from depression on a daily basis. If I then take dexedrine my mood lifts and continues to do so until I stop using it which can be several months later. This is usually because I cant afford it anymore on the black market.

I know amphetamine was used to treat depression up until the late 60's. I hope I have answered your question. My point is basically does it matter if it is habit forming if I were to be prescribed it. After all I am expected to take ineffective medication every morning which has its own unpleasant side effects.

I am grateful for your assistance!!


Stuart, I am so sorry you are suffering with this situation. The standard of care for all doctors and mental health professionals is to be very restrictive with any type of addictive or mood altering substance, which includes amphetamines, narcotics, any type of controlled substances. Even though you find that your symptoms are managed by using this substance, the withdrawal from this substance is making your depression worse. You are probably finding that you need more and more of the Dexidrine to keep your symptoms under control, making the "crash" even more painful

I know that you said that Lamotrigine was not effective, but many doctors in the U.S. have good results when augmented. You may need to have an antidepressant augmented by Lamotrigine or another mood stabilizer for your particular symptoms. Some people need to take three different medications to control their symptoms. I have one client who after trying many different drugs is finally stable on Lithium, Wellbutrin, and Zoloft. That combination works for her. Please don't give up. You are asking for trouble if you keep taking the Dexidrine. It is a short term solution to a long term problem. We stopped using Amphetamines in the 60's for a reason.

I wish you well. Please take care.
Carol Kryder LMFT and 2 other Mental Health Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Hi carol, I do find your answe helpful regarding the wellbutrin as the dexedrine thing suggests that my problem is linked to dopamine rather than seretonin.

However Im not sure wellbutrin is available in UK,

If stimulants are so bad I worry for all the children prescribed ritalin and amphetamines willy nilly.

Thankyou for your help Carol, I will accept your answer!!

Thank you for accepting my answer. Stimulants are helpful when prescribed for ADHD, but are addictive and dangerous for depression. Wellbutrin should be available in the UK. The generic is called Bupropion. It has also been used for smoking cessation.

I wish you well. Take care.

Stuart, if you haven't pressed the green button, please do so. Your question is not showing as an accept yet.

Be well and take care.

Carol Kryder LMFT and 2 other Mental Health Specialists are ready to help you