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Confused..I have a 11 year old daughter--since she was 2

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confused..I have a 11 year old daughter--since she was 2 years old I kept taking her to doctor's trying to get them to listen to me..Something was min. fine the next min. look fits of some kind..and one min loving and next seems to be more around me..and other family member thought i was crazy she is so wonderful..She has 4.0 grade adverage..but has no friends..loves toys that are for 4,5,6 year olds..Recently we were finally refer. to a dr. that first diag. w/ Asperger's Syndrome with pdd-NOS with ADHD .. meds seem to make her worse and we see him only once a month??But he has her on 6 pills a day..we get no councling with it just see him for 5 mins and thats it..So should we have councling..and shouldnt he see her often when he changes the drug instead of one time a month-i just want to do whats best for her-i just felt like i was getting help..then i got nothing..the schools dont help either WHAT DO you suggest others think i am crazy
Hi sueanna,

If your daughter has a pervasive developmental disorder, she will likely need a great deal of special therapy for individuals on the autistic spectrum. There are a number of programs that help individuals with autistic spectrum disorders learn to function more normally. Medication checks should probably be made more frequently, especially given the fact that the medications are changing. I do not think you are crazy, but I think you are probably starting to feel like that after hearing it from other people so much. I think you probably need to see a psychotherapist as well, which may help you learn more about coping. You really need some support throughout this process, as it will be difficult for you to find support in the family. Find a clinical psychologist in your area and make an appointment for yourself. Also, try asking for referrals to therapists or programs in the area that might be helpful in treating children with PDD. Medication alone is not the best treatment choice.

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