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Being_Mindful, Mental Health Professional
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  Masters in Clinical Counseling & Completing Doctorate in Psyh. 3 Yrs. Exper w/ Diverse Populations
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I had a dream that a friend and I were at a party at an

Customer Question

I had a dream that a friend and I were at a party at an abandoned house (not together). She was with someone else, I didn't know her in the dream. And I kept bumping into her, and everytime I did, I knew that I had to meet her, to know her. So I went up to her and started dancing with her. It was so perfect, we didn't look away from each other and we couldn't let go of each other. Then her boyfriend saw us, grabbed her and pulled her away. I needed to see her again, it felt like I couldn't bare to not look into her eyes or touch her or hold her. So I went looking for her. When I found her, I couldn't stop myself from kissing her. And she kissed back. Then her boyfriend saw us again and said that if I was with her again he'd kill me. And he drove away with her. I reached in my pocket, and she had left a note that said "save me, my love" and had her number in it. I've been having this dream every night for over a week. What does it mean? Please help.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Being_Mindful replied 8 years ago.

DearCustomer I can see that your are very intrigued about the meaning of your dream. Truth be told, dreams are very complex and can be difficult to interpret. On the other hand, the value of a good and true interpretation of a dream can be tremendous. Freud called dreams "the golden bridge to the unconscience". One of the reasons why dreams are so complex is that they can mean many things and come from many places. For example, the content of a dream may have to do with what someone saw on television earlier that day. Or the person in the dream you think you are may not actually be you. For instance it may be the person you wish to be or fear being. Or some other character can represent you or part of you and is not necessarily someone else. As you can see it's complex. Psychologists who have training and experience in this field make interpretations of dreams when they know their patient's well and when there is other supportive evidence that support the interpretation. Having sad that, if you interested in exploring your dream and you have the resources to go to a psychologist, preferably with training and experience with dreams, then I would advise you do so. Otherwise, I would be very cautious if someone offers you an interpretation of your dream. Just be careful, they are a lot of people out there that will throw at your their gut feeling of what your dream may mean. I would suggest that you not take their interpretation seriously, whether you are pleased or not about the Interpretation.

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Levi Breuer, M.S.