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Being_Mindful, Mental Health Professional
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  Masters in Clinical Counseling & Completing Doctorate in Psyh. 3 Yrs. Exper w/ Diverse Populations
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I'm a single 55 yr old woman. I have been in therapy with a

Customer Question

I'm a single 55 yr old woman. I have been in therapy with a PH.D for 13 years. (He always thinks I am OK, I don't feel like he's getting it.)I am on disability thru the VA and SSD for major depression and PTSD. Recently, I have been experiencing symptoms I am not familiar with. Inability to think, feeling like I'm outside myself, very high anxiety level, trouble sleeping, difficulty functioning thru the day. Can't seem to follow thru on anything I start but, not really conscious of this. Fear and anxiety while driving. Episodes of rage and the destruction that follows it. I am so confused and scared and don't know where or who to go to for help. I just started back on Prozac and Klonipin. I am not going thru menopause. I feel like I am just floating thru life and EVERY little thing annoys me. I am not suicidal (been there before) but, I don't think if someone told me I was going to die I would care.   Please help, what should I do? No family to help or friends that care.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Being_Mindful replied 8 years ago.

DearCustomer I can see how your are feeling helpless. My first reaction to your post and what is most striking to me is that you have been seeing a therapist for 13 years and after describing the symptoms that you mentioned he still feels that you are okay?! If this is the case, I would strongly recommend sharing your frustration with your present therapist and then getting a consult/second opinion. You describe that you are on disability for Major Depression and PTSD. Most, if not all, of your symptoms seem to fit in with that diagnosis. It seems to me that you had this diagnosis for some time and recently the symptoms resurfaced and have been getting worse. I would suggest that you seek out another therapist and get an extensive evaluation. I know that starting over with a new therapist after seeing your therapist for such a long time may be really difficult, but I believe that it is crucial towards your recovery. The fact that you made this post shows your strength and will to recover and this will also be crucial in your recovery!

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Best of Luck, Levi Breuer, M.S.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
it is going to be hard to leave him. He has saved my life. But, I will to get better, thank you. Nancy

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