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JR, M.A.
JR, M.A., Mental Health Professional
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  I have a master's degree in clinical psychology and am currently finishing my doctoral degree.
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I have been very anxcious and nervous lately. I had a bit

Resolved Question:

i have been very anxcious and nervous lately. I had a bit too much caffeine about three weeks ago, which lead to a sudden body flush, lack of energy, dizziness, blurry vision and short breathing while i was at the gym. now every time i speak or think of the matter, i get dizzy, the heart starts to race again and i even get light headed. Pretty much the same symptoms i felt 3 weeks ago happen all over again. I fell these problems are a reaction to what happened 3 weeks ago. they almost feel like panic attacks. i went into the emergency room this last monday and they found nothing at all. they told me it had to be anxiety/stress related.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  JR, M.A. replied 8 years ago.
Hi francisco,

It sure sounds like you are having panic attacks. Typically, people who experience panic attacks are under a lot of stress or are prone to anxiety. The best treatment for panic attacks is psychotherapy. Some folks prefer to try medicine, but it will be more beneficial if you go to see a clinical psychologist first. A psychologist will be able to help you reduce your panic symptoms and may even be able to help you figure out what the panic attack was really about to begin with. I'm guessing there is something going on in your life that you are upset or worried about and you would probably rather not think about it. Often times people experience panic symptoms when they intentionally or unintentionally block out worrisome thoughts. Good luck seeking treatment. The good news is that panic is treated pretty easily if you are willing to seek treatment

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
is there anything you sugest i do to calm down when this panic attacks occur?
Expert:  JR, M.A. replied 8 years ago.
Hi Francisco,

When you start to feel the panic, you need to remind yourself that you are not going to die and that nothing bad is going to happen. Just be aware of the feelings but do not allow yourself to start thinking you will die. Remind yourself that there is nothing physically wrong with you and that you just need to calm down. Then you should try some deep breathing to slow down your physiological reaction. Breathe in through your nose and push your stomach out when breathe in. Breathe in for 3 seconds and then exhale out of your mouth and count to 5 before you stop breathing out. Do this process slowly while reminding yourself that you are in control of your body and that nothing bad is going to happen. The breathing will help you to slow down and calm down your body. Do this as soon as you start to feel the panic. But, you still need to go see a psychologist to work on this.

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