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is there an antidepressant that do not impact kidney

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is there an antidepressant that do not impact kidney?
What if any reason was given to you for the protein in your urine?

What medical problems do you have?

Are you taking any other medications?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you very very much for the reply!!

I have back pain for 8 months, and have done many lab tests including routine urine check and blood test(creatianne and urea check). The results are basicaally normal(creatinne are 110, 90, 80). I always worried about whether I have kindney problem. I often feel nervous about this. Whenever I feel anxcious and nervous, my muscles twitch and are tensioned that cause my creatine level rises. And I saw a psychiatrist and he said I had depression and let me take venlafaxine. I only took about two weeks and then stopped it because of trouble sleep(now I realize that it is not because of the medicine). Recently(2 weeks ago) I saw a kindney specialist and did 24 hr urine and blood work. I called the specialist's office and the secretary told me that the results would be fine because the doctor didn't call me. But I got some information from my family doctor. He told me that there was protein in urine and creatinne is 110. This is probably because of my recent high anxiety. So so far I am not sure that I am really fine with my kindney until I see my specialist in January.

I am not taking any medication now. I took venlafaxine before and it was fine for me. So I want to resume it but worry about my kindney. My next appoinment with my psychiatrist will be at the end of this month. It is too long to wait. I still have the medicine venlafaxine at home( 6 pills : 75 mg, and one month pills of 150mg). I want to take the 6 pills of 75mg for 6 day and then split one 150mg pill and take nearly the half for the 7th day and the continue taking 150mg per day.

Sorry for my english. and many thanks and have a good night
While there are rare reports of renal failure (kidney problems) in patients who are taking venlafaxine (as with most any medication), this is NOT a common problem.

You should of course check with your personal physician, but I can't find any reliable references which suggest that small amounts of protein in your urine would be a reason to avoid this medication IF PRESCRIBED BY YOUR DOCTOR.
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