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JR, M.A.
JR, M.A., Mental Health Professional
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  I have a master's degree in clinical psychology and am currently finishing my doctoral degree.
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My friend suffers from alcohol and drug abuse and is very

Customer Question

My friend suffers from alcohol and drug abuse and is very depressed. He comes from a bad childhood and has trouble dealing with a lot of issues. He does not have alot of positive people that are active in his daily life. He stays from place to place, has no car and feels like life is never going to get better. Sometimes i think he rather just end it cause he does not know what to do. I am really concerned and want to help him get help because he needs it bad. I am scared he will wind up in jail or dead, and he has two little kids. I am scared if i do not help no one will. At heart he is a grate funny smart person, but he doubts his self a lot and never follows through with making a change. Some people don't like him and say he is always going to be the same. he will never change, and it is not my problem.   I love him and want him to turn his life around and it is not to late if maybe he had the right person to talk to or help. What can i do? Who should he see?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  JR, M.A. replied 8 years ago.

It certainly sounds like he needs to see a psychologist. However, his lack of health insurance may be a problem. Nevertheless, there are places that will see people for a very reduced fee or even for free. For example, if you can talk him into it, you might check in to the local community services board or CSB. The CSB will often times help out folks like your friend. They might even be able to arrange for therapy, substance abuse treatment, or medication. Either way, the CSB should be able to point you in the right direction with regard to resources in your area. I suggest that you call your local CSB and ask about treatment options. At this point, I really believe this guy needs to be seen, especially if there is a potential for suicidal thoughts.

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