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Being_Mindful, Mental Health Professional
Category: Mental Health
Satisfied Customers: 7
Experience:  Masters in Clinical Counseling & Completing Doctorate in Psyh. 3 Yrs. Exper w/ Diverse Populations
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I think this could be a one. I am 50 years old and just

Customer Question

I think this could be a long one. I am 50 years old and just can't seem to get things together. I always structured my life on deadlines, so it's no surprise that at 50 I should be relaxed, surrounded by friends and family, and enjoying the fruits of my labour ! but; no; I am basically alone. I am not exactly sad, but I am very concerned. First of all my parents are both dead, so that's left a big gap in my life, (now about 15 years). I got married , in an attempt to fill this gap, but that has not worked. Obviously, I had too many expectations. I hardly make friends, though superficially very friendly. I submerge myself in my work, which is very rewarding. My marriage is basically an empty shell, and all my attempts to build a good relationship, has fallen by the wayside. I am beginning to think that I am becoming very isolated from life. I basically have no social life, and have less and less interest in holidays and travel. My marriage is on the rocks, and I am all alone trying.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Being_Mindful replied 8 years ago.

DearCustomer it sounds to me that you are feeling very lonely inside. You also seem concerned about what your future will be like, if things will become better. What sticks out from your description is that you have been trying to make things works. I'm not sure if you have ever sought out therapy, but if you haven't, I would strongly suggest seeking out a professional therapist to further discuss your feelings of emptiness and concerns for the future. You may also want to look in to the possibility of taking medication to help you with your affect. Research has shown that one of the best ways to recover in situations like yours, is with therapy and medication. Please understand: I'm not saying that you should take medication and will benefit from it. What I am saying though is that I would advise you to seek out a medical consult and talk it over with your doctor to see if medication is for you. As a mentioned earlier, your motivation to change will be key in your success towards your recovery. Wishing you the best of luck,

Levi Breuer, M.S.

I am always available for further follow up. If you have found my response helpful please click the green "accept" button below.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Thanks for your response. I have already considered therapy, because I feel very sad inside, and am not able to link it to anything. The problem is , this takes time, and I seem to be always busy; in fact this is my therapy.

I am always ready to listen to others, and their problems , even coming up with great solutions; but for myself, I never disclose any problems to anyone (ie strangers) I always respond with, everything is alright, eventhough deep down I feel the pain.

I have never thought that medications can help. Could my problem be a lack of some essential elements? were you thinking prozac ? or just essential elements ? what sorts of medication might help? just give me a broad general list, if you can. Awaiting your reply.

Expert:  Being_Mindful replied 8 years ago.

DearCustomer I'm glad to hear that you have already considered therapy. I also understand that you are buys and can not seem to find the time to see a therapist and that you are using our conversation as form of therapy. My response to this is the following: (1) I do not know your schedule and I am not challenging that you are busy, however, I would strongly suggest that you try to find the time and make seeking therapy a top priority. I say this because I can see how much you could potentially benefit from therapy. (2) Our conversation (or other conversations via e-mail or other non face-to-face communication) is NOT a substitute at all for therapy. My position here is to offer you my professional opinion based on the limited knowledge that I have of your situation. Here's an example that may help clarify what I mean: Lets say you are having car issues- you could call up or contact a mechanic to see and describe the problem to the best of your ability or you can bring your car in to the mechanic so that he/she can see what's really going on and work on it. Although it's not an exact metaphor, my point is that our communication should not be considered by any means therapy.

With regards ***** ***** Yes, I believe that you can potentially benefit from an anti-depressant such as Prozac and/or an anti anxiety medication. A psychiatrist would be able to be more specific in terms of what exact medication(s) you would benefit from. Again, I'm not saying that this will for certain help you, but rather I believe that given your description of your issues it would seem wise to consult a psychiatrist about medication, as often this can help with the symptoms you are experiencing. If indeed your psychiatrist suggests medication such as an anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medication, I would still suggest seeking therapy as modern research has shown that the combination of therapy and medication has the strongest and longest lasting effects.

Best of luck,

Levi Breuer, M.S.

P.S. I am always available for further follow up. If you have found my response helpful please click on the green "Accept" button. Bonuses are always appreciated.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you.