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My husband, 50 years old, is addicted to morphine. He was in

Resolved Question:

My husband, 50 years old, is addicted to morphine. He was in rehab about 4 years ago, singed himself out, and tells me that he can control the use of it. He CAN NOT! I am noticing that he is stating to use more and more, more often. He knows that I know but still say that he can control it. He has a stressful job but also has this fear of defaulting. What do I do? He gets his morphine from a GP near ou house and pays a fortune for it twice a week.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  FamilyPhysician replied 8 years ago.
Unfortunately with addiction the decision to seek or accept treatment depends on the patient themselves. There is little that you can do to "force" treatment or changes in his behavior. It doesn't matter if the addiction is morphine, cocaine, or alcohol - the individual patient needs to accept that there is a problem.

I believe that the best approach would be to try an inpatient drug rehabilitation again. Most addicts who are ultimately successful in getting off any drug will have had several relapses - so the fact that rehab failed in the past is not a reason to give up on this approach.

From a practical point of view - this particular GP seems to be more of a "drug dealer" than a physician, and you would be wise to contact the appropriate medical license authorities in your area regarding his practice style. If he is treating your husband in this way, it is likely that he is also providing drugs inappropriately to others.
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