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FamilyPhysician, Doctor
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  Family Physician with over 23 years clinical experience treating patients with mental health issues
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I am suicidal not because I want to be but I have SEVERE ANXIETY

Resolved Question:

I am suicidal not because I want to be but I have SEVERE ANXIETY DISORDER and am yaking benzos.Two nurse practitioners and a reg MD have told me I have developed a resistence to this class of meds.I am a nurse RN who is on ssi and all I do is lay in bed night and day not wanting to MOVE MY BODY .It sounds like there is REALLY no hope for me.I have had this since a child and am now 42 and is seems like I have become worse.I am on clonazapam,xanax.effexor,seroquel. I have tried herbal meds:passion flower,chamomile (under the tongue)DHEA also sublingual.I can't live like this anymore.I am going to die if I don't find something to work.I am on very high doses of benzos.I am terrified....Somebody help me.To even type this is hard.I just sleep to escape the anxiety.I am a very loving person and would help others in anyway I can but I can't because of this monster I face....Is there anything left for me....I also cut out diet coke I had drank for years(a six pack a day at least)...Nothing...
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Age: 42; Female, Washington

Already Tried:
effexor 300mg,clonazapam 1mg q8 hours, sreoquel 300mg and 25mgprn,xanax0.5mg prn(doesn't even help),neurontin 600mg q day.....they keep raising dosages but they don't work even when raised...i have got to have help...please I need hope NOW!!!!

Expert:  FamilyPhysician replied 8 years ago.
Have you been evaluated by a psychiatrist?

How often are you using the Xanax?

Have you been seeing a psychologist or counselor?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Yes,all of my life starting at 15 years old. I have been hospitalized too..I have tried busbar and celexa and others. I have been on the effexor for 4 years now at the same dose...I am using the xanax TID and just started on that but not fazing me. The neurontin,i had high hopes for but not working..I have gone up and up on benzos....This is a physical condition and not a mental one.Therapy does not work. It is like trying to get someone in excruciating pain to do cognitive therapy and mental excersizes or positive thinking to try and make the pain go away...I have taken classes also where they were teaching me breathing exersizes and to concentrate on a rock or refocus my mind...IT DOESN'T WORK!My great grandmother,grandmother.mother,aunt,nephew,daughter all have experienced this.I am hopeless.I'm not going to make it.I need meds that work .HELP ME PLEASE.I am seriously going to have to take my life and soon.I can't take it anymore.My mom is in the same condition and she is also thinking of suicide.Nobody knows what to do with me so what choice do I have? If I were rich I am sure there would be a clinic somewhere to get help...society wouldn't care if I was gone....I am tired of fighting this.Even the doctors don't know what meds to put me on.I have to find a different class of meds that work together but which ones????I am sorry,I am just terrified......Kim
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I have also had my blood work done. We also tried testosterone(new evidence I guess from what the psych nurse prac. said)didn't work.I have a great husband and no reason to have anxiety-it is just there.
Expert:  FamilyPhysician replied 8 years ago.
There is no way for any of the experts here to make a diagnosis or to make specific medication recommendations since we do not have access to your complete medical records and we do not have the ability to examine you.

In my experience Lyrica or Depakote are much better alternatives for treatment than Neurontin. You may want to talke to your doctors about trying one of these medications. You may also want to consider an evaluation at a larger university teaching hospital that has a training program for psychiatry residents.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I tried to go to a teaching hospital but my insurance will only pay a small portion..Do they

ever take in low income patients? I haven't tried depakote yet I tried lyrica already.Is depakote the same class of med as neurontin.? Is lyrica the same class as depakote? Thankyou, Kim

Expert:  FamilyPhysician replied 8 years ago.
Neurontin, Lyrica and Depakote are all medications originally approve for seizures - but have been shown to be effective in many psychiatric conditions. The fact that one worked (or didn't work) would not mean that the others would not work.

Unfortunately, I don't know the particular billing/payment arrangements for any particular program.
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