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JR, M.A.
JR, M.A., Mental Health Professional
Category: Mental Health
Satisfied Customers: 184
Experience:  I have a master's degree in clinical psychology and am currently finishing my doctoral degree.
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I feel very often like i am more or less not part of the

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i feel very often like i am more or less not part of the whole of humanity like i am something different. I don't feel like i am better or worse and i know that i am human but i have a looming feeling like i am just different but don't know how. i have looked up a multitude of diagnosis everything from god complex to DID and i haven't found something that explains my feelings. What is the reason i feel this way?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Optional Information:
Age: 22; Male, Iowa
Already Tried:
lots of online research on google, wiki and various psych websites
Hi Sovereign,

I am a psychologist and would be happy to help you but I could use some additional information.

What is your age?

Do you have any meaningful relationships?

How are you different from everyone else?

Do you feel like others do not understand you?

Do you feel like you cannot understand other people?

Do you ever hear things other people don't hear or see things other people don't see?

Whatever additional information you could give me would help. Thanks
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
i am 22 and i am currently married and have been for 3 years and counting i can't really explain it i just feel separated like i am something different but like i said i know that i am human. i feel like most people can understand me and some people can have me felt out for the bulk of my personality rather quickly. now as far as understanding other people that is really a loaded question because ther are people that i understand how they work and think but of course others that baffle me. i don't really see things but when i was a child i heard things like soft whispers but very rarely and mostly in situtations where is was scared or thought that i was in trouble, more than likely just the imagination of a child. oh and one thing that i should have mentioned before i often get antzy in just everyday situations like i need to get away and go somewhere most often when i am at home with no apprent triggers that i have noticed.
i hope that this helps
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
i feel like i have a heightened sense of awarness of details that most people miss almost like i feel very aware that i am selfaware if that makes any sense
Hi Sovereign,

Thank you for trying to answer those obviously "loaded" questions. It does not surprise me that your internet searches have been unsuccessful thus far. Your presentation of symptoms is quite vague and difficult to discern. I'm wondering if you are happy in your marriage or if there is something that has built up over the past few years. It also sounds like you are experiencing some anxiety and paranoid thinking. The notion that you are somehow "different" from other people is somewhat concerning. You will not find a psychiatric diagnosis to match the symptom presentation you are describing. Additionally, it sounds as though you do not really have a clear understanding of what exactly you are feeling. At this point, it would be impossible for me or anyone else to make a diagnosis based on your vague presentation. I am trying to give you the most honest answer I can here, so please do not take this personally. I feel like you could really benefit from some psychotherapy. I am recommending that you go to see a clinical psychologist and talk about what is going on for you recently. Hopefully, the psychologist will be able to work through your vague understanding of what is going on and help you pinpoint the real cause of this feeling of being "different." You are at an age where many issues arise that were previously not noticed. You would be serving yourself well to get some professional assistance. I think that would be a great start for you.

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