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Got a series 60 engine that was fully rebuilt last year

Customer Question

Got a series 60 engine that was fully rebuilt last year 2015. I took the block to machine shop and they cut the counter bores and shaved the deck. A few months later after assembling engine and pulling a hill out west (it was this summer 2016) truck is overheating. The temp guage slowly goes up to about 205 then engine fan comes on but the temp slowly rises so I ease off the gas pedal to take the stress off the engine. If the boost gets too high then the temp will gradually keep rising until ecm shuts truck down ( ecm shutting truck down due to temp too hot happened only once). If I keep the boost low like no more than 10 psi , the truck pulls slowly up hill, ( like about 20mph) , and the temp will gradually go down until fan stops then the normal cycle will repeat. Engine is fully rebuilt, so that means every part has been replaced except the oil pump , the oil cooler, and the crank shaft and conrods . Oil cooler was pressure tested and was fine. Cylinder head was replaced in 2014 and was also pressure tested at the time of rebuild.
Here are some detailed specs on this truck:
The original Model # of truck engine is 6607tk60, and the original engine serial # is 06r0424956.
The current Model # is 6067GK60, and the current serial # is 06r0324312. The year of this engine is 1997, came out of a Volvo. Crank shaft in this engine is part # 23515598, piston part # A23529367
The original turbo that came with truck is part # DDE R23528065. The current turbo on the trk is a brand new one of the same model and part #.
The engine was rebuilt with a cam part # of 23513565 which mathces an injector height of 78.8mm
This cam was changed to match the turbo and the computer (I did this because I think it would burn less fuel). The cam shaft was changed to cam part # 23521680 which matches an injector height of 80.3mm
Ratio of diff is 3.90
Transmission model RMX9-155B2S (meritor- Rockwell)
The block has no oil coolers.
The ecm I think was programmed for ddec three . I told the ecm programmer to use the serial # on the block to program the ecm but he said it don't matter and used the vin # on the truck to program the ecm.
So my question is what's causing the truck engine to overheat, is it the ecm program or is it something mechanical?? Also, after the block came back from the machine shop , we pressure tested it and it was leaking at #2 cylinder. The water leak came from under the liner on the passenger side. So I pulled out that liner and put a little copper silicone under the lip, where it rests on the counter bore ( could have used ultra-grey or ultra- black silicone but the copper one has higher heat resistance). Pressure tested the block after doing this minor fix and it never leaked. So I don't know if this silicone has given out causing exhaust gas to pass into the coolant of if its just an ecm program issue . Or maybe I need to upgrade the radiator to a bigger one like a quad core. But the truck does not feel like it has a lot of horse power so I wont be changing radiator. The boost max out at 30psi so this I don't think warrants a radiator upgrade. And the programmer said the hp is at 500 at 1800 or maybe he said 2100 rpm, I'm not too sure. When i'm pulling a long hill is the boiling summer, I turn ac off, turn the engine fan on before approaching the hill and I don't go over 1500 rpm while pulling a hill so I know engine aint putting out 500 horses. But enging temp still gradually rises above 210 if my boost is above 10 psi .
Please help me to figure out this overheating issue, thanks.
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Medium and Heavy Trucks
Expert:  Wayne replied 11 months ago.


All that being said, good info

I did not see anything about a radiator clean and back flush

did you do that ??

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
No. But it was brand new radiator bought in 2014. Put new coolant in summer 2015, I even took out the thermostats when pulling hills out west, still overheated.
Customer: replied 11 months ago.
When engine idles there is oil out all 6 exhaust, oil even drains at turbo and exhaust junction. But when I drive, no oil out exhaust. could this be an ecm problem that's causing overheating and oil out exhaust?
Expert:  Wayne replied 11 months ago.

Hi Thank you for that

Sorry for delay , I am on and off on weekend

No, I think not a ECM,

if you have this at idle, my concern is Valve guides

do you have the the over board breather leaking oil >>

Expert:  Wayne replied 11 months ago.


Just following up with you

did my answer help you

let me know, Please


Customer: replied 11 months ago.
I can try back flush but I doubt it will work.
Expert:  Wayne replied 11 months ago.


Do not under stand back flush ??