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Alex Olsen
Alex Olsen,
Category: Medium and Heavy Trucks
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I own a 2012 prostar wih a maxxforce 13. Also have regen

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hi, I own a 2012 prostar wih a maxxforce 13. Also have regen question. Recently found and repaired an exhaust leak at the manifold and a cracked turbo housing. Regens were not completing and were daily, Once the repairs were done we went about a week in between parked regens, now it is happening very day or other day. There has not yet been an auo regen done by the truck since we have owned it approx 18 weeks. Usually it will shhow a level 1 dpf alarm, then progress to 2 at which time we o a 45 min park regen. Every time it starts at a level 1 it says "parked regen neccessary see visor" Not sure if it should say "continue at hwy speeds or complete parked regen" or not. Regardless we have continued rving at hwy speeds pre and post repair but it never does it on its own, it wont clear itself and I never hear theengine rev etc while driving. Last night I was driving at approx 62mph when the waning code came on with beep (level 3) it just skipped 1 and 2 alogether. luckily I was whee i could pull over and do a parked regen. do you think its the doser, or igniter, or doc? or any ideas? I am not mechanically inclined on the trucks, but I can work on older cars somewhat (experience level is low)

Hi I'm Alex, I know these engines like the back of my hand. Hard to pinpoint what the exact problem is with out servicemax software but the dosers plug up all the time as well as the doc, I have put tons of doc in these for frequent regen

also yes at level 1 you can continue at highway speeds, it does not say that in the cluster display but it will on the visor decal

i would like to get this closed out do you need any more help on this? i f not please rate me and i will close it out, if you do still need help rate me and then comment and i will keep it open for further assistance, i will give you a second question free of charge with a rating of 5 stars. thank you

need any more help with this? i would still like to help you

Alex Olsen and other Medium and Heavy Trucks Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 12 months ago.
Is there a setting in the ecm that will allow the passive regen to continue at lower mph such as in medium duty trucks and or some cummins engines. We took the shop to a dealer, the computer was never reset ast tiem the dpf was cleaned, so they cleaned, reset and unclogged the dpf tube.

they will passive regen at 0mph if the exhaust is hot enough, how many miles are on it, it seems most i have had with this issue have around 400,000 and have replaced the DOC and all is good

Customer: replied 12 months ago.
521213. I just took it to the shop last week, told them to check doc, injector , and computer setting. Hope they did it all correctly. I will be highly upset if it is as simple as replacing the DOC after I have brought it up at 2 dealerships

yes sir i would be too, did they run a DOC efficiency test

Customer: replied 12 months ago.
I am not sure, I will check into it and follow up with them, thanks for your help.

your welcome, thank you