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Jr Gilliam
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2009 GMC Duramax Diesel Bucket truck build by Terex. I left

Customer Question

2009 GMC Duramax Diesel Bucket truck build by Terex.
I left it parked for two months and now when I press the PTO button the truck stalls immediately. If I try to start the truck with the PTO button engaged, the lights on the dash go out and the engine won't crank.
I added hydraulic liquid to the reservoir and confirmed and cleaned battery connections.
I checked all fuses and swapped starter and PTO relays.
Submitted: 12 months ago.
Category: Medium and Heavy Trucks
Expert:  Jr Gilliam replied 11 months ago.


Sounds like the PTO pump is locked up. The reason that you can't start the truck with the PTO is engaged is a safety interlock. Easiest way to check the pump is to disconnect the hydraulic pump from the pto. Put a block off plate on the pto to prevent oil loss. Top off the transmission oil. Start the truck and engage the pto. If the truck does not stall, the hydraulic pump has locked up.



Customer: replied 11 months ago.
No, it's not locked up. Now the PTO does start and run occasionally. But other, seemingly electrical problems have appeared.
For example, during a 4 hour highway trip last night the dashboard PTO lights came on and off randomly.
Today the blue Hi-Beam indicator on the dash is glowing slightly with the lights turned off, and when I leave the lights turned off and use the switch to go from high beams to normal light, there is a buzzing from the passenger side of the dash!
Never had any problems like this before this incident, which also included some information you didn't have. When the truck's battery was dead after storing two months (I had left a code reader plugged in), I had to start it via jumper cables. It was very difficult to slide the battery tray out and back in after the jump. But after that the truck always started without issue. So I thought the dedicated ground from the PTO solenoid (or maybe the PTO controller?) might have become dislodged during the battery slide difficulty. So I removed both batteries which were dated 2012, cleaned the terminals and reconnected. Still the PTO stalled the engine when I turned it on. Then I cleared the codes with the key in the on position and pressed the gas and brake pedals simultaneously three times. The check engine light went out and the PTO worked! I left it on for a few minutes. Then I stopped the truck started it again and the PTO worked again. After that, however, it morphed into the flakiness I have currently. For example today I started the PTO and after about two minutes the truck died and the only thing lit on the dash was the battery indicator. The codes I read have been recurring, one for a glow plug and the other for exhaust gas temperature. Do you have any hints? Could it be the PTO controller or a need for new batteries?
Expert:  Jr Gilliam replied 11 months ago.
Sorry for the confusion on the truck stalling when the PTO is engaged. Have you checked your standing voltage vs the charging voltage?Thanks
Customer: replied 11 months ago.
That's a good idea, I will do that and reply.

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