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Jeremy, Certified Truck/Bus Technician
Category: Medium and Heavy Trucks
Satisfied Customers: 3304
Experience:  ASE Med/HD Truck Technician, NATEF Diesel Engines and Electrical/Electronics Technician, EPA 608/609 HVAC Certified, Steering/Suspension and ABS/Brakes Technician
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Customer Question

Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Medium and Heavy Trucks
Expert:  Daniel Wilson replied 1 year ago.
Hi my name is***** with me while I look up these codes.
Expert:  Daniel Wilson replied 1 year ago.
ECM SPN 5394,Aftertreatment Diesel Exhaust Fluid(DEF)Dosing Valve–MID 128PSID89Typeoffault:FMIDescription:FaultCondition:PossibleSymptoms:PossibleCause:FMI0•Datavalidbutabovenormaloperationalrange-Mostseverelevel•Lowsidecircuitshortedto+•MILilluminated•AftertreatmentDEFdosingpumpassemblyFMI1•Datavalidbutbelownormaloperationalrange-Mostseverelevel•Shorttoground•Lowsidecircuitopen•MILilluminated•AftertreatmentDEFdosingpumpassemblyFMI3•Voltage abovenormal,orshortedtohighsource•Circuitshorted+•MILilluminated•AftertreatmentDEFdosingpumpassemblyFMI4•Voltagebelownormal,orshortedtolowsource•Circuitshorted–•MILilluminated•AftertreatmentDEFdosingpumpassemblyFMI5•Currentbelownormaloropencircuit•Opencircuit•MILilluminated•YellowChecklampilluminated•AftertreatmentDEFdoser•AftertreatmentDEFdosingpumpassemblyFMI14•Specialinstructions•AftertreatmentDieselExhaustFluid(DEF)Dosercloggedorhoseclogged•MILilluminated•YellowChecklampilluminated•AftertreatmentDieselExhaustFluid(DEF)Doserclogged•Hoseclogged
Expert:  Daniel Wilson replied 1 year ago.
ECMSPN5394,Aftertreatment Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)Dosing Valve–MID128 PSID 90Type of fault:FMIDescription:FaultCondition:PossibleSymptoms:PossibleCause:FMI1•Datavalidbutbelownormaloperationalrange•Dosingfailure•AftertreatmentDieselExhaustFluid(DEF)dosingamounttooloworDEFquality•MILilluminated•NOxemissionstoohigh•NOxsensor•SCRcatalystmalfunction•EGRmassflowfailure•SCRinlettemperaturesensorFMI17•Datavalidbutbelownormaloperatingrange-Leastseverelevel•Dosingfailure•AftertreatmentDieselExhaustFluid(DEF)dosingamounttooloworDEFquality•MILilluminated•NOxemissionstoohigh•NOxsensor•SCRcatalystmalfunction•EGR mass flowfailure•SCR inlettemperaturesensor
Expert:  Daniel Wilson replied 1 year ago.
ECM SPN 5246,Aftertreatment SCR Operator Inducement Severity ( informational fault only for derate status)–MID128PSID46Typeoffault:FMIDescription:FaultCondition:PossibleSymptoms:PossibleCause:FMI0•Datavalidbutabovenormaloperationalrange-Mostseverelevel•SevereSCRsystemfaultdetected–Warningfault•Severeenginederate•N/AFMI15•Datavalidbutabovenormaloperatingrange-Leastseverelevel•ModerateSCRsystemfaultdetected–Warningfault•Moderateenginederate•N/AFMI16•Datavalidbutabovenormaloperatingrange-Moderatelyseverelevel•SCR system fault detected–Warning fault•Engine derate•N/A
Expert:  Daniel Wilson replied 1 year ago.
ECM SPN 4094,NOx Limits Exceeded Due to Insufficient Diesel Exhaust Fluid(DEF) Quality–MID 128 PSID 90Type of fault:FMIDescription:FaultCondition:PossibleSymptoms:PossibleCause:FMI1•Datavalidbutbelownormaloperationalrange-Mostseverelevel•AftertreatmentDieselExhaustFluid(DEF)dosingtoolow•YellowChecklampilluminated•Enginederate•DEFquality•AftertreatmentDEFlineclogged•AftertreatmentDEFdoser•AftertreatmentcontrolmodulefailureFMI14•SpecialInstructions•AftertreatmentDieselExhaustFluid(DEF)dosingtoolow•YellowChecklampilluminated•Enginederate•DEFquality•AftertreatmentDEFlineclogged•AftertreatmentDEFdoser•AftertreatmentcontrolmodulefailureFMI18•Datavalidbutbelownormaloperatingrange-Moderatelyseverelevel•AftertreatmentDieselExhaustFluid(DEF)dosingtoolow•YellowChecklampilluminated•Enginederate•DEFquality•AftertreatmentDEFlineclogged•AftertreatmentDEFdoser•Aftertreatment controlmodulefailure
Expert:  Daniel Wilson replied 1 year ago.
Hi Milorad, Did you get this resolved?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi Daniel,
Thanks for answering my questions. Actually I did not get much help from your answer because the way all this system is set up, it was more of a frustration and waste of the time,for me, than a help. But at least I know now, this way of solving problems in emergency situation is not working and it is waste of time.
The way you put your answer was confusing and unclear. If you assume you are talking to a mechanic, than I think it is a shame to charge fifty bucks just for code explanation. If you are talking to some one with out enough mechanical knowledge, so how do you think they will figure out, how to check components, where they are, what they look like?
No offense, I just expressing my opinion, I did not score your answer, do not want to ruin your rating, that is not my intention.
It might be just me not handling well the entire situation.
Here is what I did. I replaced urea dozing valve. The new one has nice foggy spraying pattern. Put new upstream nox sensor, because of corrosion I messed up the tread a little bit when I removed for inspection. Did regeneration for more than on hour. Than I stopped. It would never stop on its own. What it time frame for the parked regent anyway?
Codes are staying with no change.
I cleaned that sensor, do not know the name, but it is in egr system. Took out 7th injector, to check operations, look as it not spraying right, but it is hard to see it if it is not moved away from the exhaust because you can not see due to smoke which is coming from burning fuel. Measured temperatures. By injector I think was around 400°, lowest temp sensor on dpf housing was up to 372°, in front of catalyst was 440° and same right after catalyst, opposite side pipe from down stream nox sensor.
I replaced 7th injector, and temp readings got a bit better. Between turbo and 7th injector goes 430°-452°, after the injector 462 and goes to 473°, by middle temp sensor on dpf housing 439°,lowest temp sensor, on dpf housing 471°and goes up to512°, front of catalyst 570° goes to 604°, after catalyst 460°-520°.
I do not know what these temperatures suppose to be, but I think they are unacceptable low for parked regeneration condition.
Anyway, after about 40-50 minutes, finally, it got done, rpm come back to idle, yellow ''check'' light went off, but aftertreatment light was on and the code #5349. Other two codes were gone, and truck finally was out of derate mode.
After I restarted truck later on, aftertreatment light went off, but active code is still there. No lights on.
By the time engine was exiting regeneration mode, there was very loud whistling noise. I took the truck for the test drive. That noise is present most of the time above 1100 rpm, as boost increases, the noise gets louder. Some times it stops, than comes back. I had this noise earlier too. But it was mostly quiet, just it comes sometimes.
I believe that is egr valve is not closing properly all the time. And that is why engine is not able to race temperature sufficiently during regeneration because mixture is being diluted by exhaust gases which should not be present during this process, my opinion.
What do you think about all this? What these temperatures suppose to be? Can egr valve make this kind of noise? Which temp sensor is ecm reading when is showing exhaust temp on driver display? How is inoperable egr valve affecting fuel mileage on diesel engines?
I would appreciate your impute on all this. Thank you again,
Expert:  Jeremy replied 1 year ago.
My name is ***** ***** I will assist you with your question today. I'm an independent contractor and I don't get paid until a rating has been made. We can go back and forth as needed to help resolve the issue you are having. Follow ups are free after ratings, so rate in confidence! Your temps are way too low. I read part of this. Your temps should be around 900 plus degrees and getting into the 1400 to 1700 easy. You are not getting enough pressure off the turbo to be getting your temps up or you have a seriously plugged dpf filter. Have you tried loosening the clamps going to the dpf and see if the first temps are getting higher? If they don't, then your turbo actuator is not setting the turbo in the correct location or your atomization module is acting up. Usually the turbo is to blame for not getting up high enough followed by the air shut off valve and then the atomization module on temps that low with proper dosing.__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________You want a 5 star service and I want to provide a 5 star service. Please consider that I don't know your skill level as well as I can't see, touch, smell, hear the vehicle/machine in question. Please provide as much detail as possible and I will provide as much back. Once an answer is provided, you should see a rating screen. Please rate my personal service to you. The ratings are my personal feedback,they are not the site feedback. Thank you for allowing me to assist you through Just Answer! Jeremy
Expert:  Jeremy replied 1 year ago.
I see you viewed this and this is still showing as an open question due to no positive (3 stars or more) rating. Were you not pleased with my service to you or is there a rating issue? Please let me know if you still need assistance with this, if there is a rating issue, and/or you need more time to respond. I like to make sure all my customers are satisfied since you did pay a deposit for me to assist you, whether I’m paid by a positive rating feedback or not. We can continue where we left off or start over if needed. Also, if you need diagrams, instructions, etc please don’t hesitate to ask.

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