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Category: Medium and Heavy Trucks
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Experience:  310T Red Seal- Truck and Coach Technician
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I can't find a solenoid and wire in the dump valve circuit.

Customer Question

I can't find a solenoid and wire in the dump valve circuit. It appears to be air operated. Where should I be looking?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Medium and Heavy Trucks
Expert:  Bradley Martin replied 1 year ago.
I see your already working with another expert I will let the other expert continue to help you.
Expert:  ][\][iCk0411 replied 1 year ago.
Hi, my name is ***** ***** I would be glad to try and help today. First off, welcome to Just Answer! Do you mind giving me some more information regarding the truck you are trying to locate the valve on? What is the problem and why are you looking for it? The more information the better I can help you today. Thanks,
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Wrkng on a 2007 Kenworth Tri-axle Dump. I want to do asphalt work and the auto dump feature damages the back of the truck..It also damages the apron and tears off mudflaaps. The elimination of it would greatly simpilify the process.
Expert:  ][\][iCk0411 replied 1 year ago.
Okay thank you Sir I understand what we are looking at then. So does it automatically dump once you try to raise the dump box? What kind of dump box manufacturer is this? Usually there is a small box either mounted to the frame close to the lift, or it can be in a small box mounted to the dump box that could have your tarp and tailgate valve in it as well. Find anything like that on the unit? Thank you,
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The dump body is a "J&J" The only thing in the small box is the air pressure regulator for the tag axle support air bags. It has an outboard location to satisfy DOT law.
Expert:  ][\][iCk0411 replied 1 year ago.
Okay thank you Sir for the follow up information. So I just wanted to be sure we are on the same page here. So the air suspension will dump when you lift the box to load asphalt? Do you have a control box in the cab to control your PTO engage or is it all set up through Kenworth in the dash? Thanks,
Expert:  ][\][iCk0411 replied 1 year ago.
Does the suspension start to dump when you engage PTO, or when you try to lift the hoist? just trying to figure out how its set up so we can devise a plan to by-pass. shouldn't be hard once we figure that out.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
When you hit the switch to engage the PTO the suspension automatically dumps
Expert:  ][\][iCk0411 replied 1 year ago.
Thank you Sir. So, essentially how it works is that there should be a small air valve plumbed into the air suspension control circuit. PTO is sending a signal to it when you engage it to turn the valve to drain. Since all dump trucks are set up so much different from each other I think the best thing you can do is start at the air ride valve at your back axle. There should be a small 1/4 air line that enters the small valve, this line controls your suspension up and down. You need to trace that small air line back to the front of the truck. Your looking for a small air valve plumbed in-line with the 1/4 air control line. This valve could be anywhere along the frame where that 1/4 air line runs. I've mostly found them on the firewall, or in the frame behind the cab. I've attached a picture of what the valve may look like, or at least similar to this. Once you find the valve I would just recommend unplugging it, see if that will disconnect the operation. If disconnecting the power to it doesn't work you may have to remove the valve entirely. Just use a union for the air line if that is the case. Please let me know how your project is going. Any more questions I'm more than open to help you. I know this is a bit of a difficult project to explain over this but I can assure you that it is not a difficult task once you locate the valve that they have tied into the circuit. Your satisfaction is my priority so if it takes more time and more questions just shoot away. If you think you could benefit from a phone call with me we can walk through the situation in further depth. Just send me the request if you feel its necessary. Otherwise, I appreciate it if when you are happy with the result please rate the question. I am freelance so if you don't rate the question the site keeps the proceeds and the expert doesn't get anything. Thank you,
Expert:  ][\][iCk0411 replied 1 year ago.
Good Day! how is your searching going for the air valves? Any luck?

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