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Abs light is on in a 07 freightliner codes 136 003 8 SID &

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Abs light is on in a 07 freightliner codes 136 003 8 SID & 136 003 10 SID & 136 003 1 SID
What could most likely cause this ?
I do have a left rear oil seal leak replacing the seal now

Hello, I am Joe one of the experts here.. Your fault codes read as follows:

136 003 08 Excessive wheel slip: Check sensor adjustment. This fault usually occurs when there is excessive tire spin for more than 16 seconds.

136 003 10 Intermittent signal: Adjust the sensor.

136 003 01 Incorrect sensor: air gap . Adjust the sensor.

Based off these codes what I am seeing is that you probably 1 have a lot of build up on the tone wheel on the hub and on the tip of the sensor. You may have a loose wheel bearing which could be the cause of the leaking wheel seal that caused the tone wheel to come in contact with the sensor. Since you are doing the wheel seal the preload on the wheel bearings will have to be readjusted anyways. Just make sure your sensor tip is not damaged from the contact and that once the hub is back on and torqued that the sensor is correctly seated.. All you have to do is push the sensor in until it stops and it should be pretty much right on the tone wheel.

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